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Veterans Day

Veterans Day: A Day To Remember And Celebrate

11th November has been known as the Armistice Day in USA ever since it was achieved in 1918 with Germany. In 1938 this day was made a federal holiday in the country. The day was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 and has been celebrated as such since. While the Memorial Day honors all those who died serving the country, Veterans Day honors everyone who has fought for the country. This year this day falls on Monday which means that you will be getting a 3-day weekend and you all will have different plans for what you want to do on these days.

Veterans Day
Veterans Day

The Tradition Which Arouses Passion

It has been over a hundred years since the World War One was over, but it’s good to remember the day and in doing so honoring all those who have devoted themselves towards protecting their country. The armed forces will be celebrating with parades and 2 minutes silence will be observed across the country. As a citizen you may buy or draw flags and plant them on your front door or windows. If someone in your family is a veteran, you may accompany them to events across your city. If they live in a different city, you can join them on this day to celebrate with them. You can also go to any cemeteries to lay flowers for those who died protecting their country. Some communities will have speeches, music and activities for children.

How We Do Our Bit?

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Frequently Ask Questions ?

Do airlines offer any special discounts on the Veterans Day?

As this Veterans Day will be part of a 3-day weekend, a lot of people will be looking to acquire flight tickets. The airlines will try to outdo each other by giving you offers that will attract you towards themselves. So keep your eyes and ears open and you will definitely come across some good offers.

How do I get good deals for air tickets around the Veterans Day?

Just come to FlightsChannel and enter the details requested to get flight information along with flight prices. We try to give you all possible options, so you can compare and judge the best deals for yourself.

Which is the best city in USA to see Veterans Day celebrations?

All major cities in the country celebrate Veterans Day, as do the smaller ones and they all add their unique flairs to the day. It’s difficult to judge the best celebrations as they all have different purposes and meanings, so you can pick a city based on the parades and activities they will be carrying out.

Aren't the airport and airline officials celebrating Veterans Day?

Yes they are, but in a different way. They are part of the essential services, services that are required 24x7, throughout the year. They will get paid extra for the day and they will be wearing the poppies in honor of those serving in the armed forces.

Should I take any special precautions while flying on Veterans Day weekend?

This will be a busy period and will be a crowded affair, so you must reach the airport well in time to avoid any delays or missing your flight. If you believe that something you want to carry with you, might be objectionable it is advisable that you discuss all the details with the airport authorities, they are just a call away.

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