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Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A day for the man who demanded equality

It is observed on third Monday of January to remember Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday, though he was born on 15th January in 1929, a Tuesday. The holiday was agreed to after much difficulty and much proposition. The Government claimed that a day of leave with pay will be damaging to the economy. In some states the day is referred to as MLK Day. This holiday means a day off for all government employees in the country. Almost half of all employers give this day as off for their employees which means that they will get a 3-day weekend in which they can plan trips and flights. Though the day was observed at the first time in 1986, it was in year 2000 that all states observed it. If you need Martin Luther King Day flight deals, you are at the right place.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

An example to follow

Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement which demanded equal rights for the African-American citizens in the country. The movement did make the government take notice and a number of institutions were opened to all people in the country. Though Martin Luther King Jr. was killed before he could see all his dreams come true, his followers demanded for a holiday in his name. He believed in community services which means that those who can offer free meals for the poor and a number of them offer voluntary services. Some members of the African American even give speeches to their community about how they should follow the example of Martin Luther King Jr. and live a decent and proper life. As for the civil rights though all citizens in USA have equal rights, most African- Americans believe that a lot of work still needs to be done and it should be done the way Martin Luther King Jr. would have done it.

How to enjoy this special day?

Some cities are using the history of Civil Rights Movement to boost tourism. You can see the areas where the Civil Rights movement took place, the houses of their main members, places where they met and organized the movement. As quite a few people will get a long weekend, they will be making plans about what to do in these days. If you are a student or work far away from your family, you can always go to join them. Quite a few people will be planning to catch flights on Thursday night and return on this Monday holiday. For you we have the MLK Day 2024 flights on offer.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Will I have any difficulty in booking cheap flights for Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2024?

As this will be a 3-day weekend a number of people will be looking to book flight tickets. If you leave the flight bookings too late you may not be able to get tickets of your choice or any tickets at all. Hence you must book the flights at the earliest.

What cities should I visit to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

You can visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington. You can even travel to Memphis, Tennessee to see the National Civil rights museum.

What documents do I need to catch my cheap flights Martin Luther King weekend?

You need to have an Identity proof and valid tickets to catch your flights. In case you are flying overseas, you will need a valid passport too.

What happens if I miss my flight for any reason?

If you miss your flight you will not be able to have the flights cancelled or claim any refund, as you are expected to catch the flight on time and make all the preparations for it. If you are not well or you have any other reason, you must update the airlines or the tickets retailer at the earliest

Are there any discounts when I book MLK weekend day flights?

Quite a few airlines offer flight tickets at discounted rates to encourage more people to purchase these on this long weekend.

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