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Christmas: The day to remember the messiah

This day is celebrated across the world as the day Jesus Christ was born. Though a Christian holiday it is celebrated by most people on the planet, in fact it is a public holiday in most countries. On this day people decorate their homes and work places with Christmas trees, Christmas decorations like stars and stockings. Some homes even have lighting shows which people can enjoy. Quite a few stores, online and offline, offer discounts on their goods so people enjoy the day as much as they can. In Christian countries quite a few people attend church services and the heads of states give Christmas messages on the national TV. If you have any holiday plans we have cheap flights on Christmas Day for you.


Santa is on his way

The day is celebrated differently by different generations. While the young ones expect gifts on the day, most families get together and have dinner together. Some young ones believe that Santa Claus will give them gifts of their choice on the day. If you go to shopping areas, you will find people dressed up as Santa, with whom you can have your photos to upload on your social media pages and some of them may give children gifts too. To make the young ones happy the parents leave the gifts by the fireplace and tell their young ones that Santa came through the chimney and left the gifts for them. This often means that some young ones stay up till late in the night just to greet Santa as he comes with their gifts! We too have the gift of cheap Christmas Day flights for you.

The day we all celebrate together

Some religious areas hold plays about nativity (birth) of Jesus and the young ones together sing Christmas carols. Christmas pudding and pies are prepared specially for this day. School holidays start from this day till the beginning of the year. Students prepare greeting cards for each other and their teachers. People also exchange greeting cards with each other for various reasons. Different churches believe that Jesus was born on different days, though in North America, 25th December is fixed as the date for celebrating Christmas. This period brings joy for businesses too as customers spend a lot of money on lots of things, though on the Christmas day most institutions remain closed so everybody can celebrate together.

Planning to go somewhere?

As the schools are closed, some parents may take time off from work and take their children on vacations. Higher education students studying in distant cities will return to their home towns to celebrate with their family. This means that there are lots of people who need flight tickets during this period. You will notice that some airlines give discounts around this period but these are often not applicable to the last 7 days of the year! Though if you are interested in skiing or ice skating this is the right time for you.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans Which is the best destination in USA to celebrate Christmas?

It depends on what you have on your mind for the day. If you want to see places lighted up, you can go to major cities in the country like New York, Washington. If you want to play with snow, you can book tickets to Alaska and Canada. If you are after the nightlife you should consider travelling to tourist destinations in Florida or California. If you have made up your mind we Hve the right Christmas Day flight deals for you.

que-ansque-ans Why is everybody suggesting that I book Christmas Day flights early?

You are not the only one who will be looking to fly during this period, there will be quite a few other people with plans like you. Booking early will make sure that you get the tickets and you will have more options in terms of the days you fly and the airports where you take off from and land, in case there are more than one airports at the origin or destination.

que-ansque-ans What happens if I am not able to get time off from work and have to cancel my tickets?

If you have booked your tickets and were hoping that your boss will easily approve your holidays, which he hasn’t then you could be in trouble. Most airlines don’t like cancelling tickets and they all have policies regarding cancellations and rescheduling. You should always ask the procedure for cancellation at the time of booking to make sure that you don’t get worried too much if you have to cancel flights. You can call us to discuss anything about Christmas flight deals.

que-ansque-ans How many bags can I take with me on cheap Christmas flights?

You can always carry one handbag with you and you can check-in 1 or 2 bags. However the allowable weight varies from one airline to another. Also some airlines charge for these.

que-ansque-ans Will there be any problems with flights at the Christmas time due to snow and storms?

Yes, snow and storms can cause cancellation of flights and all airlines want to give you as safe a flying experience as possible. It all depends on what the weather is like on the day of the flight. However most flights fly at the time mentioned to you and if there are any delays you will always be informed on time. So, make you bookings for Christmas Day flights 2024, after you have done complete research.

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