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Labor Day: the day to recognize the efforts of the working people

This day is celebrated every first Monday in September. This year it’s on the 2nd of September and will be on different days in the following years! It will be a part of the 3 day weekend holiday which means some rest for those who have worked hard all year round. The first labor day was organized in 1882 and it was made lawfully a holiday in 1894. It is very different from the international Labor Day, which takes place on first of May as this day is celebrated only in the USA. Generally, this day symbolizes the end of summer in the country. If you are looking for some Labor Day flight deals, you are at the right place.

Labor Day
Labor Day

The why's of the Labor Day?

Following the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century the workers wanted better pay, better working conditions and more say in workings of the organizations they worked for. They wanted pay according to the type the type of work they did. They also wanted the number of hours they worked every day to be fixed. This day is celebrated for two reasons:

  • To appreciate the work done by the workers every year. If you are after some Cheap Flights for Labor Day, we will be able to assist you.
  • The efforts and contributions that previous generations of workers made that have led to the good conditions that everybody today works in. There is the federal minimum wage without which the conditions of the workers will be terrible.

What people generally do on this day?

  • Some people go on holidays as they will be off three days from work or education.
  • Quite a few cities organize parades on the day. If you want to see these you can book some cheap Labor Day airline tickets through us.
  • Some families hold barbecues or go for picnics.
  • In the evening some cities hold fireworks shows.
  • It is the end of summer and the beginning of winter, so people start making preparations for the change in seasons.
  • Quite a few stores offer commodities at discounted rates, which increases their sales.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Is it a good idea to book Labor Day Weekend Flights 2024?

people will have plans similar to yours, which means the whole trip will be a crowded affair and you will enjoy everything if you don’t have issues with crowds.

Should I wait for Labor Day airfare sales or book my flights early?

It's a difficult question to answer as if you book early you will get a cheaper rate, unless you expect that the offers will make the ticket prices even lower. Also the offers will be for limited seats and if you miss out you will have to get tickets at the normal fare which will be higher than what you would have paid if you had booked early.

Why aren't the workers at the airport and the airlines off on the Labor Day?

These workers fall under the category of essential workers and they are working so you can have the fun. They may get paid extra for working on these days and they will be wearing badges to confirm their solidarity will all other workers in the country. Also, they are at work so you can enjoy your Labor Day Flights.

Which is the best destination in the country to celebrate the Labor Day?

It depends on what you have on your mind. If you want to go to the beaches one last time this summer, you should go to the south of the country. If you want to see the parades and fireworks, you should got to the north eastern states. If you want a quiet weekend you should consider going to cities with large forest covers or to the countryside. In all cases we can help you Book Labor Day Flights easily.

What is the average airfare for a round trip over Labor Day weekend?

It usually depends on where you live or where you want to go to. The charges for a round trip per ticket will be under $300 for most destinations if you book early enough.

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