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Easter Day

Easter: the day for the faithful

This is the day when Jesus was resurrected after his death on the cross. This is a difficult idea to grasp as no one rises after dying, but Jesus did and this is the reason why so many people believe in him. This day is always celebrated on a Sunday, which means that it is traditional to attend church services on this day. The date of this day is not fixed and is decided after complicated calculations. The Friday in the week before this Sunday is observed as Good Friday, the day when Jesus was crucified. The exact day of celebrating the day varies for different churches. If you have plans to travel and need cheap Easter flights, we will be more than helpful.

Easter Day
Easter Day

So, what happens on this day?

Some of the activities that are carried out on this day include eggs, which are a symbol of new life in the Christian world. It is traditional to purchase Easter eggs on this day and the chocolate ones are gifted to the young ones. Some people even have games where these eggs are hidden and the children have to find them, when they find them they can keep them and the surprises inside them. Then there is the Eastern bunny who decides if a child is naughty or nice and gives them gifts accordingly. It is also a tradition to dance and sing on the day. This day for most ends with lavish dinners where the family gets together and enjoys the dishes that are prepared especially as Easter feast. These include boiled eggs and lamb dishes. Of course you will also be enjoying cakes, pies and puddings. We hope you don’t have expectations for such meals on Easter weekend flights!

A long weekend with so much to do

This day is a holiday in not just Christian world but all across the world. The way people spend these 3 days depends on how religiously inclined they are. It is though a good time to visit churches that you have wanted to see all your life. In some countries the week before Easter is called the holy week and most literature in the world about Jesus is about this one week. In 2024 the day will be celebrated on 31st of March in USA. Here a number of cities hold parades on the day and a number of people come out to see them, some from other cities and states. If you want to go to any of these cities we have the Easter weekend flight deals for you.

Some people use the free time to travel

If you feel your family needs to do something exciting as the winter is almost over, you can definitely fly around the country and see how other cities celebrate this special day. If you are into wine tasting you should definitely visit the vineyards across the country. Though most wines taste better as they get older, you can taste freshly produced ones here. We have Cheap flights for Easter holidays to get you there.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Is Easter a busy time for the airlines and airports?

As this is a 3-day break, a lot of people will be considering purchasing flight tickets to make the best use of the time they have. This will mean that you won’t find any empty seats on any airplanes flying during this period.

Where can I find cheap flights Easter weekend?

We at FlightsChannel know that you are in need of tickets and we have the best deals around for you irrespective of where you are flying from and where you are flying to.

Will I be able to get tickets easily for a round-trip for Easter flights?

In case of flight tickets its best to book them early to get them at low prices and to guarantee that you get the ones you prefer. If you try to book with the Easter holidays close by you may have to pay a higher amount and you will have to be flexible with your dates.

What if I want to carry extra bags with gifts after having booked Easter flight deals?

Most airlines have a limit on the number of bags you can carry and on their weights. In case you have an extra bag or two, you may have to pay extra to take them with you.

Are there any special meals on flight on Easter day?

It all depends on the airlines you are flying with and the way they plan to celebrate Easter with their passengers. Most airlines offer wine and beer to the passengers and you can also choose if you would prefer a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian meal. 

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