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St. Patrick's Day: Bringing religion to your door steps

St. Patrick's Day is a traditionally Irish holiday and associated with the country. Still it is celebrated in many countries other than Ireland and USA is one of them. A large percentage of Americans who believe that they are of Irish ancestry celebrate this day every year. This day is associated with green color and people wear clothes and hats of green color. Even fountains and lakes are dyed with green color to let everyone know what day it is! There are parades in quite a few American cities which they have copied from their relatives in the country of origin of the day. At most of these lots of waving of Irish flag goes on. This day is commonly celebrated every 17th of March and is associated with drinking and feasting. And as the name indicates lots of people attend church services too. If you want to travel to another city, just look for St. Patrick's Day Flights with us.

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day

Everyone is welcome to participate and enjoy

Officially the holiday is legally allowed in very few American cities but most cities with Irish heritage traditionally have been holidaying on this date. The day though has been observed on small scale since the start of 17th century, but large scale celebrations have taken place over the last century and a half. In USA most people participate wherever the festival is held. A large number of baseball, American football, basketball and other sports teams wear the colors of St. Patrick's on the day while playing on national TV. A large number of people who come to see these, live, come dressed in green with Irish hats of the same color.

So, how will you be celebrating this year?

17th of March in 2024 is on a Sunday, which is already a day off, which means you will not have to take a leave from school or work to see the parades or to participate in other activities held on the day. Which also means that you will be able to enjoy the day without any guilt unless the day is a confirmed holiday in your city. If you work or study in a different city from your home town and you wish to join your family for these celebrations the lines for tickets will be as long as the size of celebrations in your city, as lots of people will be visiting to see the parades and other activities. If you need tickets for Flights for St. Patrick's Day, you can always search for these with us.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Which city should I fly to this year to see the St. Patrick's Day parades?

The biggest parades take place in New York, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans and Savannah in Georgia. A large number of smaller cities also celebrate with different kind of celebrations. It always depends on whether you want to be part of a large crowd or want to be part of a quiet church gathering. If you have chosen a city, cheap flights St Patrick's Day can be booked quickly.

Is it easy to get cheap flights for Saint Patrick's Day 2024?

The demand for air tickets to cities which are traditionally known to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, will always be high. If you are from any other city you will be able to get the tickets comparatively easier and you will be able to select the dates without much hassle.

Will I be allowed inside the airport and on flights in a St. Patrick's Day costume?

If you are suitably attired and if you are not a discomfort to other passengers, you will always be allowed into the airports and onto the flights. However if you have any doubts, you can always discuss all these details with the airlines or the providers of your flight tickets.

Are there any delays on flights due to St. Patrick's Day celebrations?

No, the flights follow their normal schedule as they will on any day.

Where can I find Cheapest St Patrick's Day Flights?

Just come to FlightsChannel and enter the details requested into the forms. In moments you will have the best deals in front of you. You will be able to compare and see the best available options for you.

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