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Some Tips and Suggestions About Flights for Disabled

15 May 2024

Ideally, you should let the airlines at least know about your disabilities at the time of booking your flights. If for any reason you are disabled and have not done this, you should let the airlines know at least 2-3 days in advance before the flight, so they can make all the arrangements for you. The officials at the check-in counter will be waiting for you and they will arrange easy boarding and de-boarding arrangements for you. In some cases, you may want to choose a seat for yourself or you can let the airline officials choose one for you. This will usually be done so you and your fellow passengers are comfortable with each other.

Let the airlines know early

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Informing in advance will always help as the airline officials will need to make a plan for you, as the situation can get more difficult in the case of long-haul flights, particularly international ones where you may need to move for various reasons. The airlines will try to figure out if you will be comfortable and what to do to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Their cabin crew consists of stewards and air hostesses, who are experts in handling all types of passengers including the younger ones. However, what they need to do for you will depend on the disability you will be suffering from. Hence the importance of you telling about your condition in advance. 

Your disabilities will not be a hindrance

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If you are disabled it doesn't mean that you can't travel. Disabled people can drive cars with the right equipment so why not the flights for them? There are different kinds of disabilities and these are not limited to you being in a wheelchair. There are people with limited vision or limited hearing abilities. There are some with dogs who assist them as they walk or there may be special devices without which you cannot do anything. Disabilities are not just physical, there can be persons with mental disabilities too. The airlines have a lot of experience in assisting passengers with different kinds of disabilities and usually, they will not refuse air tickets to anyone.

Special cases

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Those considered disabled include those suffering from diseases, which can be long-term or recent conditions. Usually, it will not be recommended for you to fly if you are suffering from an infectious disease, which can cause problems for those flying with you. They will have to consider the passengers who will be sitting next to you too. They also will not allow heavily pregnant ladies onboard or those with complications, as they are not sure how to look after them. They all have plans for any emergencies too, when you will require the assistance of others, despite the chances of such events being minimal. 

Plan for your entire flight

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You may need assistance at the airport itself, as you get into or get out of the aircraft, or when you are seated inside the aircraft. If your condition is rather serious but you still need to fly, you should bring with you a person who could assist you. This will be the case with most such passengers as your near and dear ones will not allow you to travel alone in the condition that you are in. In the case when you are traveling alone, airlines often ask passengers to volunteer as Safety Assistants, who will assist you in case there are any emergencies with the aircraft. However, if anyone will volunteer cannot be guaranteed, hence the need for someone traveling with you to assist you.

The airlines are here to assist

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Every airline is different and so are their policies and procedures for the disabled. Within the USA, the top 3 airlines American, Delta, and United are known to offer as much support to disabled passengers as they can. The same goes for the major Middle Eastern airlines like the Emirates and the major Asian airlines like the Singapore Airlines. In all cases, you should find out what the airline will be able to do for you before you purchase air tickets to fly with them. The best option for finding their details related to handling you will be their website as every responsible airline will have a section for you. The other option you have is to connect with them through their Toll-free numbers, emails, or their social media accounts.


Being disabled brings some limitations to what you can do in life, but flights don’t have to be one of them. There are airlines out there who are more than ready to welcome you and assist you in any way they can.

By FlightsChannel Team
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