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The Right Time to Get to the Airport

16 Oct 2023

When you are planning a trip somewhere, you will want to be as thorough as possible, making sure that there are no mistakes. If you are opting for flights over trains or buses, there could be numerous reasons for this. Mostly it will be much quicker and it is also considered to be the safest mode of transport. So, you have decided upon where you will be staying and have calculated the amount you will need to spend on your trip. Alternatively, your company may have decided everything for you if you are going for a business tour, with some inputs from you.

One thing you must not forget

The one little detail, which we don’t want you to forget is the time to reach the airport. It doesn’t matter the time of the day your flight is about to depart, the airlines have a cut-off time for the time you can have your bags checked in. This will usually be irrespective of the cabin you are flying in. So, you must reach the airport on time recommended by the airline you are flying with. Most of them will recommend that you should reach the airport 2-3 hours before the departure time. You should follow this timeline if you don’t want to beg the officials at the check-in counter or in the worst case not having anyone at the check-in counter to serve.

The problems that you may have to face

If you are coming in from another city, in case you are coming in from a city without any airports, any miscalculations here will pinch you a lot. If you miss your flight, there are usually no refunds unless you have a valid reason. The one thing that can save you is having a copy of your boarding pass if you have done the formalities online. Then you will have to leave your bags at the airport or send them back with the person who came to drop you at the airport. In some cases, this may not be your fault. There can be cases when the taxi to the airport doesn’t come on time or you may get stuck in traffic. Though the taxi company or the city government is not going to reimburse your air ticket price. So, you should go through all permutations and combinations, making a foolproof plan.

Come prepared with everything

Most airports are usually based some distance from the city they serve. So, you should calculate the time you will have to reach the airport. You should also have a backup plan in case there is no one to help you get to the airport. You should also only take the baggage that you believe will be accepted by the airlines. These rules are usually for the size and weight of your bags. You should also always get the right and accepted Identity proof with you. If you are flying overseas, you should bring a valid passport and with visa, if one is required for you at the destination. If you come without these, you will again not be allowed to catch your flight.

Some useful information

Another piece of advice for you is that after checking in your bags, collecting your boarding pass, in case you haven’t printed it beforehand, you should get immediately to the departure gates. This will save you time and you will not have to listen to announcements from the flight attendants calling out your name to get to the flight at the earliest. If you have reached the airport too early and the departure gates are not listed on the screens, you must check the screens every 10 minutes to make sure that you see this and proceed right away to them.

When you should relax

You should believe that the mission has been accomplished only after you are sitting on your seat on the flight. All this becomes even more important if you are flying with your family, with elders or young ones. Your abilities to move and do things will be different, hence you must calculate the time you will need at the airport for various activities accordingly. You should also stay sober no matter how late your flight is or else you may be refused entry inside the aircraft. You getting on time will also help the airline to depart on time and hence get to the destination on time. 

By FlightsChannel Team
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