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The Diversity of Tempting and Delightful Indian Cuisines

When most people around the world think of Indian cuisine, they think of spicy food. Indian restaurants, both northern and southern ones can be seen in most major cities of the world, though what is served has been adapted to what the locals prefer to eat. You will also note that there are no forks or knives and you will have to eat most dishes with your hands, though there are spoons if you wish to taste any curries. In the south of the country, dishes are often served on banana leaves. India has a large army of students studying hospitality courses and they dream of working in hotels and restaurants not just in the country but abroad too.

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A Complete Travelers Guide to Mexican Food and Flavors

Like every culture, the cuisines here are influenced by the local produce. The food here is influenced a lot by the Europeans who came here and established colonies. African slaves who were imported to this nation also brought their cuisine, whose influence can be seen in the items consumed here. Mexico is a large country and every region has different items to offer or the same item will be prepared differently. The reason for this is that the people who occupied this country before colonization were parts of different groups, occupying different regions of this vast country between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. If you come here for a family vacation, the waiters will recommend different items for different members of your family, telling you their taste and suitability for your age group. 

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Go On a Foodie Adventure in Thailand to Taste the Difference

If you live in one of the major metropolitan cities in the USA or Canada, you will have come across Thai restaurants. Most of you will be used to Chinese restaurants and aware of some of the items from the cuisine. However, there are not many Thai restaurants even in the larger cities which have a large population of migrants from Thailand. Most people who come to the Western world come looking for a life different from what they are used to while others stick to their tradition, living life the same way as they did in their country. Hospitality is a major industry in Thailand and several youngsters have traveled to countries all over the world and started their eateries, some of which have gained popularity with the local population. All of them will be catching flights and getting a taste of a life of a different kind before they land in a different country onboard.

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