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8 Tips to Make Your Long Haul Flight a Success

17 Nov 2023

Flying long-haul flights and that too in economy can be mentally and physically challenging. Whether you are flying from London to a destination in the Indian subcontinent or from Australia to the USA, you will be in a corner for some long hours. You will not be in a bus, where you can open your window for open air or close it when you want to or ask the driver to stop when you feel like vomiting. Once the aircraft doors are closed, these will open only at the destination airport or at some stopovers where you may or may not be allowed to get out of the aircraft. These flights, even in economy cabins are not cheap and nobody will expect you to stay hungry and thirsty over these long journeys. In fact, you will have some entertainment too along with some different sounds and sights. Still, those who have done this all before, have some suggestions which will make your life on these flights much easier.

Exercise and get yourself physically ready for the flight

Make sure that you have slept well before the flight unless you are catching a red-eye flight and hoping to sleep on the flight. Stretching exercises or Yoga before the flight day will help your blood flow in your body to stay normal.

Prepare yourself for what you will be doing on the flight

Choose the activity that you will enjoy the most when you have spare time. This can be reading a book, playing video games, watching movies, or listening to music. If you plan on using your own device, make sure that it is properly charged. Some of you may prefer to do some work or study, as the case may be with you. Pack all the items that you may need when you fly in a small bag that you won't put in the overhead bins, so you can access these items without troubling anyone. If you are on medication, make sure that it is within easy reach at all times. Carry your slippers with you, so your feet are comfortable.

Dress yourself for rest on the flight

Choose clothes that are not tight fit but are loose and comfortable. You must also carry the clothes with you that are the ideal fit for the weather at the destination. Also, bring items like pillows and earplugs to help you rest. Eye masks are recommended if you want to avoid any light while you rest.

Eat and drink as long as you are comfortable

You should avoid drinks with Caffeine or Alcohol, as these can make you anxious if not agitated. You should try food that will keep you hydrated. You are allowed to bring your own food, so you can bring what suits you well.  Always bring a water bottle with you. If you are flying long-distance you will be offered meals, beverages, and snacks. Ideally, you should find out what you will be offered before you fly, so you can pick and choose what is right for you. You should try to avoid meats and go for fruits as much as you can. If given a choice between juices or carbonated drinks, always go for juices.

Exercise as much as possible inside the aircraft

If you sit in one place for a long time without any movement, you may get sick and have problems with walking. So, whenever you have the chance flex your leg muscles or walk along the aisles, as long as you don’t disturb anyone. This will help you avoid Jet lag.

Get to the airport on time

Everything ends well that starts well. So, if you get your bags checked in on time and reach the departure gates on time, you will be comfortable instead of being rushed into all this. This will also mean that you board the flight early so you will be among the first few to use the overhead bins.

Choose the seat that is right for you

If you want to avoid vertigo, avoid window seats. If you need more space, request for aisle seats or seats next to the aircraft gates. If you want to avoid busy areas, request for seats away from the washrooms. If you are flying with your friends, family or colleagues, you must decide which seats you all will prefer. Often the airlines charge you extra for choosing your seat and you will find that it is well worth it.

Maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene

This will keep you and those around you smiling instead of complaining.

By FlightsChannel Team