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All About Baggage and Your Flights

16 Oct 2023

When you are planning a flight, you will be planning for your air tickets, hotel bookings and on-land travel arrangements. There are different reasons why you want to catch a flight. Mostly these are for leisure or business, but you may be a student starting a course or you may be  planning to join your entire family on a major vacation. What you will be taking with you will be considered baggage by the airlines you are flying with. You are usually allowed to check in 1 or 2 bags and you can carry a handbag with you, apart from a personal item.

Is your baggage included in the ticket price?

Different airlines target different sets of passengers. There are some that will offer you almost an entire room for you and your partners, while there are others that are considered no-frills airlines. Yes, you are worried about the legroom, but what about your baggage? Some will include the charges for these in your ticket prices while others will charge you for everything that you are carrying with you. There are others that follow the middle path, allowing you to take some bags and charging you for what they may consider excess baggage.

Always follow airline rules

The size of the bags and their allowable weights also vary from one airline to another. Most of them allow bags with each having a weight of 23 KGs. If you are flying economy class, you will have to stand in a queue to get these checked in. Though if you are flying business class or first class, you may be treated as a priority. Also if your tickets cost more, you may be allowed to check in extra bags and the permissible weight may be higher too. There is also a limit on the maximum number of bags, even if you are paying for each one of them. If you are a military personnel, quite a few airlines allow you to take as many bags as you have without any extra charges.

Different policies of different airlines

If you are flying to a destination that you cannot reach with a direct flight, you will have to switch airplanes. If they are of the same airline fine, however, if they are of different airlines, the rules and the charges for your baggage may vary, even if you booked everything together. Most major airlines aim to connect you to as many destinations as possible. However, if they can’t do this themselves they have other airlines in other countries as their partners to make this possible. These airlines though partners, will be operating according to their rules and you must make sure that you have all the details with you when you book your flights.


In god we trust

Though you carry the important items that you own with you, there are other items that you will have to check-in. You will be worried about their safety and security. You will have to trust the airline and airport authorities to make sure that your bags are in the right airplane. As for the collection, you will have to wait at the conveyor belt assigned to your flight. So, what happens if you do not find your baggage for any reason? You will have to trust your fellow passengers that they pick only their bags! In case of any issues, you can always complain. You can always buy an insurance policy to guard you against such unwanted situations.

Good planning is always important

So, when you are planning your flight, you must make plans for your baggage too. You must make sure that these are included when you book your tickets or you make sure that you add your baggage information at the time of booking. If you have forgotten any details, you can always call the airlines to update them about your requirements. In almost all cases, if your bags are too large or too heavy i.e. you have not followed the airline rules, your bags may have to be returned or you may have to pay extra charges. In some cases, if there is not enough space in the aircraft you are flying with, they may be delivered through another.

By FlightsChannel Team