Golf Course Destinations for Tourists In and Around the USA

05 Jun 2024

Golf is not a sport that everyone follows or appreciates, but there is a group of select few people who do. This sport is usually associated with the wealthy, but some of the champions of the sport have come from not so affluent backgrounds. One of the reasons for this game being so restrictive is that you need a large golf course, which can be difficult and expensive to maintain and you will need to have different kinds of golf clubs, which again don’t come cheap. In Western countries, you will find golf courses in every major city, but still few people participate in the sport due to the time and effort it requires. You may feel that it will be ideal for retired persons who will have all the time in the world for this, but there is no shortage of young enthusiasts. Even if you follow the various championships, you will need to be very patient to enjoy this slow-paced game.

Holidays with your golf handicap


There are golf players, who will want to play the sport on different turfs. There are holiday destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America that promote themselves as resorts offering golf courses for all those interested. There is no shortage of good golf courses in the 3 major North American countries either. Here we list some destinations, where we believe you will enjoy the sport to the hilt.

Miami, USA: Test your abilities

Miami Golf Course

Miami in the southern state of Florida is a name that is synonymous with summer and beach holidays in the USA. However, if you are into golf, you will find plenty of golf courses to interest you. Some of them are open to everyone and there are others that require paid membership or you can pay for monthly or weekly access. You will be bringing your golf clubs and other gear in the baggage, so choose the airline that includes baggage in the air ticket price or one that doesn’t charge you much for these. Some of these are Palmetto Golf Course, Briar Bay Golf Course, and Killian Greens Golf Club among others.

Cancun, Mexico: You are invited

Cancun Golf Course

This city on the eastern edge of Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula needs no mention among holidaymakers who frequent this part of the world. Most of those who come here to take part in this sport will be looking for accommodations in five-star hotels that are close to the golf courses. They will be coming on business class flights or first class flights, so they reach Cancun unhurried and relaxed, ready to enjoy the game. The courses here have different holes that require different effort and you should choose the golf course according to your experience level. Most of these have been designed by experienced architects. Moon Palace Golf Course. Riviera Cancun Golf & Resorts and the Iberostar Golf Club are among the popular golf courses here.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Ready for a challenge

Punta Cana Golf Course

This city is a popular holiday resort next to the Caribbean Sea and there are plenty of things to do in Punta Cana. Most of you will be here for the beaches but some of you will be after the golf courses next to the sea. Whether you are playing just for fun or you are fiercely competitive, there will be the right golf course for you. Your skills will be tested, though you will enjoy the idyllic locations and the peace with which you can enjoy the game. There are multiple golf courses close to each other, so you can choose one according to your playing style to take up a challenge. You can visit Punta Espada Golf Course, La Cana Golf Course or Barcelo Lakes Golf Course and others to see how far you have come in terms of your skills.

Barbados, Caribbean: Not just for champions

Barbados Golf Course

This island nation is small in size but large in terms of its popularity. The peak season for holidaymakers is when you will be experiencing winter in your part of the world. You will find hotels and restaurants close to the golf courses. Some will have arrangements to look after your young ones as you play and there may with swimming pools with an adjacent spa too. Some of them will have gyms for you to be physically fit for the day. Some here have been the venue of championships, so you will feel like a champion playing here. If you are a professional and believe you are good enough, you can try your luck at one of the championships here. There are Royal Westmoreland Golf Course, Barbados Golf Club and The Country Club among others ready to welcome you.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica: A remote venue

Guanacaste Golf Course

This region is for those who prefer a quiet holiday. It is vast and offers different options for tourists with different interests. Most of you will be coming over through international flights, though there will be some domestic tourists too. If you are interested in golf, there are a few courses and clubs here. If you have a paid membership, there will be golf carts that you can make use of unless you are physically active and prefer walking on foot. There will be caddies to assist you too. You will find most parts of the courses next to the beaches or with a few on a flat surface over a cliff. Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club, Ocean Course at Peninsula Papagayo and Tres Volcanes Golf Course are where you can try your wares, though there are a few other equally good golf courses too.


Golf gives you images of select clubs with limited membership, but wait till you start to play the game. Once you get used to it, it may become your favorite pastime and you will be looking for holiday destinations where you can try golf courses of different shapes and sizes. Here we have recommended some destinations that promote themselves as a destination for those interested in the sport.

By FlightsChannel Team
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