Amusing and Surprising Cheap Holiday Destinations for Americans in 2024

07 May 2024

The USA is a large country with a large population and a lot of people keen on catching flights for various reasons. If you are planning a holiday, you will have the options of domestic and international destinations. Even if you are after cheap holiday destinations, you will be able to find these easily, as a large number of people will be interested in the same, thus lowering the amount you will have to spend. The flights are one of the costliest parts of your trip and if you can get these for less, you will have enough to spend on the planned activities. Accommodation is also another aspect of your trip and you should choose these according to your itinerary.

Our proposition

Here we are listing for you some destinations, where you can holiday for less. These include locations not just in the USA but in the nearby neighboring countries and those in the region too, which allow you to enter their territory for a holiday without any visa.

Moab, Utah: explore the desert


Moab is a small town in the desert state of Utah. There are a few national parks where you can go biking along the mountain trails. If you go to the desert location close to the city, you will find different types of Archs carved out of the mountains by nature and they all make for good photo opportunity. Colorado River is close by too, so you can go rafting for the best part of a day. It is a small town so you can travel around shopping and dining if you prefer a relaxed holiday. The population of Moab is very low, and the rates of everything are very affordable.

Washington DC: capital and a holiday destination


Every American learns the name of this city after the name of the area they are in. This is where most major decisions are made by the President and the US government. There are plenty of government buildings including the White House, the residence, and the offices of the President of the USA. There are more than a few museums and monuments here that your kids will recognize from what they have seen in their study books. Washington DC will be ideal for budget travelers with accommodations of all kinds on offer and there is good public transport, so you don’t need to spend much for traveling around. 

Gatlinburg, Tennessee: Go wild in the wilderness


Gatlinburg is in the state of Tennessee which has numerous mountain ranges passing through it. This town too is a mountain resort, though affordable for those planning a holiday in such destinations. With a population of a few thousand, it will be ideal for you if you are planning a quiet holiday. You can set up a base in Gatlinburg in a cheap hotel and explore the region around with fellow tourists, including hiking up the mountains and admiring the views all around from a height. You can travel over the greenery by aerial tramway and in winter you can even go skiing here. You can learn about the cowboy life by riding horses or going fishing in the nearby water bodies. 

Glacier National Park, Montana: Glorious views all around

glacier -national-park-montana

This is a large national park in Montana, close to the Canadian border, so you can enjoy a Canadian holiday here without going to Canada. There are mountains all around you, so there are plenty of opportunities to go hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. There are numerous large lakes here, which allow you to see the reflections of the large mountains as you sit next to them. As for sightseeing, there are waterfalls and you will be able to watch wild animals as you walk through the greenery-covered mountain. A holiday here will be affordable in all seasons.

Machu Picchu, Peru: Earn the views


This location will be of interest to those interested in pre-colonial civilization in the Americas. The main sites that most tourists come here for and over a million of them come here every year, are structures at the top of the mountains. If you want to save money and enjoy the jungles in Peru, you can come walking here from the nearest city. To meet the demands of the people coming here, there are cheap hotels and eateries offering items from Latin American and American cuisine and you will find more of these in the nearby city of Cusco. Yes, the old structures are the main attractions, but there is plenty to explore in the nearby mountains, forests, and hidden waterfalls.

Quito, Ecuador: A typical Latin American city


Quito is the capital of the South American nation of Ecuador and is one of the highest cities in the world. You will find plenty of buildings in Quito, reminding you of the colonial era and there are museums that will remind you of the civilization here before this part of the continent was colonized. If architecture interests you, here are some large and old churches for you to understand the religion of the local people. A large number of Americans travel to Latin American countries and what encourages them is the low rates of everything including airfare.

La Paz, Mexico: Beach fun for everyone


If you are looking for a cheap beach holiday, this city will be right for you.  La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur, the peninsular state in the west of Mexico, which means that you will easily find cheap flights to come here. Yes, as promised there will be beaches, and with tourism important to the economy, you can expect all types of water activities including snorkeling. This destination is also popular with honeymooners, looking for a cheaper alternative.

Patagonia, South America: Too large to explore


This is a vast region in the southern part of South America, wide enough to be between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, comprising large parts of Argentina and Chile. It has large mountains passing through it with some deserts too. Tourism has acquired importance in recent years and in an area so vast, you will find plenty of spots for cheap holidays. You just need to choose the terrain that interests you and then shortlist the cities or towns there that are frequented by tourists. You will get here to meet indigenous people and take their wares, which are unique to the region, as souvenirs.


We all love holidays and what most people demand are cheap holidays. Here we have suggested some destinations, which offer everything that a major resort will, but paying much smaller amount than you will have to.

By FlightsChannel Team
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