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Top 6 Beaches and Islands to Visit without Visa in 2024 from USA

24 Nov 2023

Most people travel to cold locations in summer and warm destinations in winter, though there are some who want to enjoy the season while they last. There are some islands around the world, including some in the USA where the temperatures stay enjoyable throughout the year. Here you can enjoy the greenery in the interiors and the beaches on their boundaries, without facing large crowds. Some of them have large hotels while others have small villas fit for a family or a group. These destinations are usually preferred by honeymooners who can enjoy some time in privacy, enjoying each other’s company and not those of others. Some incredibly rich people even own some small islands where they holiday the way they want to.

Some interesting options for you to consider

If you live in the USA, you will usually be looking for destinations according to the season that you are in, when you have got some time off from your work or studies. You may be looking for a green area where you can walk or bike along the river trails or for a beach where you can swim or sunbathe. If you want an all-in-one destination, you should choose island beaches. Below we have some good suggestions for these for those travelling from the US mainland.

1. Isla Ixtapa in Mexico

This is a small island near a city of the same name in the state of Guerrero. There are 3 excellent beaches here, you can swim or snorkel as you may want to. You can catch water taxis to get here, from the mainland which are basically speedboats. There are restaurants here along the beaches where you can leave your baggage and book snorkeling kits. Most structures here have thatched roofs and once you have chosen a table, it is yours for as long as you are on the island. Mexican food, freshly prepared old-fashioned way is one of the features of this island. As you would have guessed by now this island is fit for those looking for a budget holiday.

2. Grand Cayman in the Caribbean

This Island is one of the 3 that form the Cayman Islands, a British territory. It is the largest and has an international airport for those coming here for business or pleasure. It has 5 districts and some of the biggest banks in the world have branches here. Cruise ships stop by George Town, the capital of this territory, so you can imagine it has a lot to offer to its tourists. Tourism is the major industry here and this is what most of the locals are involved with.

There are hotels for all types of tourists here, whether they are looking for a luxury or an economical holiday. Apart from the beaches, which are the main feature there are good green areas in the interior including botanical gardens. There are all types of fruit-bearing trees, along with birds and reptiles that you will see only here. Most people interested in snorkeling or scuba diving prefer the parts of the island where they can see the coral reefs.

3. Harbor Island in the Bahamas

If you want to walk barefoot on pink sand, this island will be right for you. It’s not too big, almost 3 miles long and half a kilometer wide, with just about 2,000 local residents. If you are planning to get here, you will have to catch a flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to get to the island of North Eleuthera, from where you can catch a water taxi for a 10-minute ride. You can even catch ferries from Florida to get here, though their frequency is not much and they take too long. On the island, there are a few hotels for tourists with different budgets and restaurants where mostly seafood is served. You can hire a golf cart or a bike to ride around this small island. You can swim, snorkel or ride a boat around the island. The peak season here is in the winter in the USA, from where most tourists come here.

4. Ibiza in Spain

If you are a young person, there are high probability that you will have heard the name of this island. The name of this island conjures up images of party scenes in the minds of people. This is a large island with 5 districts, close to the Iberian Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. This will be the ideal destination if you enjoy large crowds and like dancing with a group of people with the same interests as you. Most of these youth come here from major countries of the Western world. In recent times the government has been trying to attract families to change the image of the island.

5. Capri in Italy

This is the island where kings and queens of Europe came here for holidays, quite a few Roman emperors built castles and palaces, and there are archaeological remains of some of them for all to see. This has been a popular resort in southern Italy for over a century, with many celebrities having homes here. The peak tourist season here is in the months of July and August. People come here for long trips though in recent times quite a few people come here for day trips. There are harbors where boat owners park their boats.

To get here you can catch ferries from the cities nearby on the mainland like Sorrento and Naples. You can come to Naples through the international airport in the city. On this island, there are 2 municipal areas where you can stay in various hotels.  There are plenty of spots here to taste Italian cuisine and you can even go for a boat tour of the island, apart from various activities on the beaches. Migratory birds are known to rest here in the large green cover of this island.

6. Tahiti in French Polynesia

Almost 200,000 people call this island their home and it has a long history, with the recent ones beginning with colonial exploration, colonization for a brief period, and eventual independence. It is mountainous, with flowing rivers, waterfalls and has coral reefs all around. It also has the capital of French Polynesia in its northwest region. French is commonly spoken here though the Tahitian language is still well and thriving.

Most people live along the coast with the interiors mostly uninhabited. Most residents here are native Tahitians but about 10 percent of people are of French ancestry. Black Pearl farming is a major occupation here and a popular souvenir with tourists. There are good hotels and restaurants for them too, though tourism is only one of the many flourishing industries here. It is considered expensive to get to and stay, though good planners can always arrange everything for less. It is far away from any continents in the center of the Pacific Ocean.


There are many others, but these are some of the popular ones. You can choose one according to proximity or your interests. Mostly your budget will decide the options that you will have. You will also be happy to know that US citizens don’t need a visa to travel to these destinations if their purpose is tourism for a few months.

By FlightsChannel Team
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