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Cancun: sun, sand and sea

There are quite a few tourist hotspots in Mexico but Cancun leaves most of them far behind. This city is on the Caribbean Sea in the south eastern part of Mexico. The city did not exist half a century ago and Mexican government has built and promoted the city as a holiday resort.  They built the hotel zone where you will find huge hotels adjacent to each other, next to the beach. The international airport here welcomes millions of visitors each year and their numbers are expected to keep growing. So, if you want to fly to Cancun, do not hesitate and book tickets now.

What you can do in Cancun?

  • If you are interested in scuba diving, surfing, aerial rope slide/ zip lining or kayaking, this is the right resort for you.
  • You can travel out of the city to check out the real history of Mayans. There are ancient temples, ruins and archaeological sites.
  • You must not forget to check out the rivers that flow beneath the earth surface and you can drive though caves in illuminated, custom designed vehicles.
  • For those interested in sports the city has its own football club and a baseball team.
  • Apart from the clean air and fresh water, there are plenty of dishes and drinks from the Mexican cuisine to explore.

A resort of international standards

Though the temperatures don't fluctuate much through the year, there are prominently two seasons - rainy and dry. Naturally most people will prefer the drier season to explore the tourist destination which means that most people come here in the months of December to April. The city receives visitors not just from the Americas but from Europe too. The language of communication here is Spanish, but with so many tourists from English speaking countries, you will always have help at hand. Cancun has everything for those who want to get away from the everyday mundane life and experience something that will re-energize them. If you are interested in round trips to Cancun we will definitely be able to find the right flights for you.

Flying to Cancun

This is one of those beach tourist destinations that receives more visitors in the winter than in the summer. Several major and low-cost airlines offer seasonal flights to this destination, which does not mean just increased frequency of flights but there are flights to Cancun from more origin airports too. However, if there are no direct flights to this city on the southeastern edges of Mexico, you will always be able to find those with connections.

Explore Cancun

Most people come here for sun, sand and sea, but that’s not all if you have some more time for other activities. You can even go towards the interiors of Quintana Roo, the state in Mexico this city is in. There are some well-preserved sites from the Mayan era and you will notice the lack of Colonial buildings, as a few decades ago there was just a small fishing village community here. If you have ever wanted to swim to an underwater museum, there is one here for you. You can of course go snorkeling and see the ocean floor admiring the ocean creatures.

Tourist Attractions in Cancun

This city was developed with a single purpose, to attract more tourists to Mexico. There are several hotels and restaurants along the beaches, so you just need to walk to them to swim or sunbathe and you can admire the views from your hotel window or as you dine at the eatery of your choice. You can even hire a boat and watch structures along the beach from a distance. If you have always wanted to swim with dolphins or feed sharks, everything can be arranged for you at a popular aquarium here.

Best Time to Visit Cancun

This destination is known to attract active tourists in the springtime when the weather here is heavenly and there is increased demand for plane tickets to Cancun. You should avoid the months from September to November, as it rains heavily in these months. If you are looking for a break from the chill in your part of the world you can come here in the months from December to February.

Major Airports

This city is served by one major airport, the Cancún International Airport, which offers domestic flights to Mexicans and welcomes millions of passengers from overseas, particularly from other North American countries and Europe. If you are looking for the best airfare to Cancun, you will find it right here.

Airport Transportation

There are airport taxis available to serve you and other cabs are not allowed. There are shuttle services that will drop you straight at your hotel or the part of Cancun where you have your accommodation. There are long-distance buses along with trains that will take you to cities close to Cancun.

Planning Your Trip

You should plan what you are taking with you according to the reason for your travel and the duration of your stay. If you can find Cancun cheap flights, you will be able to save more for other activities. If you plan to get to the beaches, you should come with comfortable clothes and your sun cream. If you are coming here from the USA or Canada, you will not need a visa for your short stay, though for longer ones you should apply for one. To go through the airport, you will need avails passport though. If you do not want to pay excessively, you should book your accommodation and transport services well in advance.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans How easy is it to get plane tickets to Cancun?

You just need to give us your requirements through our form, select a flight and complete the booking.

que-ansque-ans Where can I find details for airfare to Cancun?

Come to FlightsChannel and we will give you a good experience in checking out flight details with airfare.

que-ansque-ans What are the airlines that fly to Cancun?

A number of Mexican airlines, international airlines and a few USA airlines offer flights to this city.

que-ansque-ans Is it possible to catch last minute flight to Cancun?

There are always flights that do not have all of the seats booked till the flight date. In which case you are in luck, though the rates may be different than if you had booked earlier.

que-ansque-ans Is it a good idea to book flights with hacker fares?

You can always book a one way flight to Cancun if you feel that the return tickets are too expensive. And if you are a good hacker you will be able to arrange the on-way tickets back to your city at a low rate i.e. you have hacked and saved some precious dollars!

que-ansque-ans How can I find the best flights to Cancun Mexico?

Just come to FlightsChannel and enter the details of your itinerary, you will see the charges of different flights from your city. This search and information is free of charge and does not take much time.

que-ansque-ans How do I know that I have got cheap flights to Cancun?

You can always compare our rates with those offered by other sites and you will always find that our deals are the best.

que-ansque-ans Does lower cost of flight ticket mean different quality of services for passengers?

Every Airline aims to deliver as good a flying experience as they can provide. The lower charges are generally meant to encourage more fliers to book seats with them.

que-ansque-ans How comfortable are flights to Cancun?

Every airline will try to offer you as comfortable a flight as possible. There is good record of safety and security of flights to this destination.

que-ansque-ans Are there any direct flights to Cancun from my city?

You can check all these details easily on FlightsChannel.

Airport information

  • Airport Name : Cancun Intl
  • IATA Code : CUN
  • Country : Mexico
  • Continent : North America

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