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  • NYC New York 2023-10-07
    MIL Milan 2023-10-14
  • LAX Los Angeles 2023-10-19
    ROM Rome 2023-10-26
  • BOS Boston 2024-04-15
    ROM Rome 2024-04-29
  • NYC New York 2024-05-24
    NAP Naples 2024-06-02

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ITA Airways: A young airline on the right path (AZ)

Italia Trasporto Aereo or ITA was formed in 2020 and today is the flag carrier of Italy. The reason behind this is simple, Alitalia failed to perform and this organization acquired all of their aircrafts and is now the national airline with more than half of the shares owned by the government. They started with a few domestic flights and are now performing as a fully-fledged international airline. They are part of the Sky Team alliance, for just the same reason that other member airlines are, to offer their members access to destinations they can’t reach themselves. If you want to book ITA Airways flights, you can do this right here.

There is only one world we share

They have a fleet of over 70 aircrafts, connecting their passengers to over 60 destinations not just in Europe, but Americas, North Africa and to some destinations in Asia too.  They have started on the right note by focusing on sustainability. They are aiming like everyone else in the airline business at zero carbon emissions by 2050. They aim to do this by using the best aircrafts, aircrafts that cause the least pollution. They also are using as much sustainable aviation fuel as possible to reduce the effect of the use and production of conventional fuel. If all this impresses you, you should make an ITA Airlines booking now.

Services personalized for you

They are offering their services to all kinds of passengers and they have plans for those who need assistance with boarding, deboarding. Their hub is at Rome–Fiumicino International Airport, in the Rome Metropolitan area and this is the busiest airport in the entire country. When you fly with them, you get the option of choosing your seats depending on the class of seats you have booked. They offer seats in business class, premium economy and economy class. They offer the best seats to people with young and growing children when you are flying with your family. Need help with cheap ITA flights? That’s what we are here for.

Have fun with flying

They offer Wi-Fi connectivity on short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights depending on the aircraft you get to fly with. Though this is chargeable and you can choose from the different packages according to your network streaming requirements. They offer meals without any charges and what is served depends on the time, length of your flight. They let you carry hand baggage without any charges and the same is true for 1 or two checked-in baggage, depending on the class of cabin you have selected. They have a frequent flyer program called Volare, where you can earn points according to what you spend on your flights. You can use your accumulated points on buying tickets or to cover part of the price. You can also use these for seat selection. If you are interested in ITA online booking, you can commence with us now.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

What countries and airports does ITA Airways fly to?

They offer flights to most major cities in Italy. They offer quite a few flights to Europe and some to Americas, North Africa and Asia.

Are Cheap Airline tickets for ITA Airlines available?

You will find these with us when you search for them.

What is the Best day to book ITA flights?

Tuesday is the recommended day when you can expect to get flights at lowest rates.

What is the Best way to book ITA first class flights?

Online booking is the method of choice for most people looking for flights.

What is the cheapest month to book ITA business class flights?

September is the month when you can expect to get their tickets at the lowest prices.

How to get cheapest tickets for ITA international flights?

Just do a quick search for flights and in the results you will find the cheapest tickets on the top.

How quickly can I make an ITA airways booking?

You can do this in a matter of minutes through our easy to use interface.

Why should I use FlightsChannel to Book ITA flight tickets?

We are experts when it comes to online ticket booking and we always list all available flights at the rates ideal for your wallet.

Planning a flight and need assistance?

That's what we are here for. Book cheap flights to destinations and with airlines of your choice

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