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Etihad Airways: Earning popularity through more ways than one (EY)

Etihad or union in Arabic, literally does what it means, it unites different parts of the UAE and the world with each other. Their fleet has over a hundred aircrafts and they offer over 1,000 flights a week through them. Etihad Airways flights fly to around 120 destinations covering all the continents, which means they fly to all major airports of the world. They don't just move people, they move cargo too. Its hub is at the Abu Dhabi international airport. This is a young airline which started flights in 2003. They are sponsors of a number of football clubs around the world and some rugby, basketball teams. They are doing this with the aim of developing a brand name that the world is not just aware of but trusts. They have also sponsored various tournaments with the same aim.

Fly in style

No matter how big an airline is it will not be possible for it to reach all destinations in the world. Keeping this in mind this airline has codeshare agreements with other airlines of the world which allows their passengers to travel to most destinations served through aircrafts. They also have different livery for aircrafts flying to different parts of the world. They have also given their cabins innovative names which are Economy Start, Business Studio, First Suite, First Apartment and The Residence. The last 2 are available only on a few large aircrafts. If you are after an Etihad Airways booking, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Everything you need is ready

They call their entertainment software E-Box. It allows you to watch a number of movies and other programs on the seatback screen. In some advanced planes you can even use the app for this through your device. As for news and magazines in different languages, they have their partner PressReader app. As for food, it is complimentary on all of their flights, though what you are served and the way you are served depends on the cabin you are flying in. If you are not flying in the first-class cabin, you will have to pay for the use of Wi-Fi, if you are interested. There are different options for these depending in the length of the flight. Also, it depends on whether you want to use Wi-Fi for chat or for surfing. If you want to book Etihad flight tickets, you are the right webpage.

There are always rules

They have an Etihad Guest card for those people who fly frequently with them. The miles through this card you can earn not just by flying with the airline but by making purchases or booking hotels with their partners. You can spend these on flights, upgrade of seats and with their partners for stay or travel. They usually allow you to check-in as many bags as you want to as long as they are within the total allowable weight limit. For some countries, the rules are different though! If you want to carry baggage more than what is allowed you will have to pay significant charges for it. You should check all this before Etihad Airways online booking.

Giving back to the world

They like most airlines are planning towards zero carbon emissions. They are also avoiding the use of plastics and paper, using items that are biodegradable. They use the best aircrafts that cause little pollution and they plan to maximize the use of biofuel to fly them. If you agree with all this, go ahead with an Etihad Airways flight booking.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

What countries and airports does Etihad Airways Airlines fly to?

They fly to most continents and major cities of the world.

Which are the cheapest month to travel by Etihad Airways Airlines?

September is believed to be the month when the tickets from this airline are available at comparatively lower rates.

Are there any offers from Etihad Airways Airlines for international flights?

We list all offers as soon as the airline announces them.

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We list the cheapest flights at the top, so you can see the airlines and the flights they are offering in increasing order of charges.

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