Best Theme Parks in the World to Take your Kids for Adventure

05 Dec 2023

Whenever you get time off like the summer holidays for your annual holidays or the three-day weekends, you may want to travel to certain destinations to do things that are not possible in your cities. If you have young ones with you, their choices may override yours, unless you can convince them that your suggestions are better. However, you should consider their options carefully and agree only when you feel that they are of the right age for the destinations they are demanding. Most young ones will like a place where they can go for rides of different kinds. These open in every season, but most people bring their kids here in the summer holidays.

Your kids will be able to explain better

They have buildings with architecture based around the theme of a popular series. The food that is served is also according to movie characters, don't worry it digests well! Apart from the USA and Japan, you will find these in the major cities of the Middle East, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Within the USA most of these are in the state of California and Orlando city in Florida, though those in other states have something different to offer. You can classify these can be classified into 2 categories, ones with designs based on movies for kids while others have rides, some for families while others are for thrill seekers.

Now, if you want to know where these theme parks are, below we have some suggestions for you.

Alton Towers, London, UK

The United Kingdom has destinations that many Americans will be interested in traveling to. As for the young ones they may have heard about Alton Towers from their friends who have been there or found their details browsing online, if you allow them to. You will have to catch an international flight to get here, flying literally over the Atlantic Ocean. Once you get here, you will feel that it is well worth it. This resort has arrangements for accommodation and fast food that most kids will prefer any time of the day. As for the rides, there are roller coasters, flat rides, water rides along with children’s rides. They also have special arrangements on special days like Halloween.

Walt Disney World Resort, Bay Lake, Florida

This resort is within driving distance from Orlando, so you can have best of the both worlds. You can have a beach holiday at the seas coasts nearby and you can take your kids for the rides and views to this resort, according to your itinerary. There are not one but water parks here, with the 4 theme parks and there are 4 golf courses for golf lovers. Over 50 million people come here every year and you will find out why they come here once you take a look at the resorts spread over 10s of kilometers. You can fly to one of the nearby cities and then drive to come here.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

If you find that the East Coast is too far for you to travel to a theme park, there is nothing to worry about as there are plenty of these on the West Coast too, particularly in California. This resort in Valencia is within driving distance from Los Angeles and not just domestic but international tourists, too, come for a visit here. There are roller coasters of all sizes and you can go for white water rafting, within the resort. There are different types of rides for different age groups, so there is nothing to worry about.

Europa Park, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

This one is popular within Europe and for you to consider if you are planning a family holiday in Germany. It is spread over a huge area with 100s of different kinds of rides, with over 10 roller coasters and some water rides. There are plenty of hotels that offer accommodation to different categories of domestic and international tourists. There are plenty of restaurants around where you can try out local cuisine apart from the fast food. Several events are organized here every year, including one for Halloween. There is even a 4D cinema where you can feel and not just see a recorded show.

Tokyo DisneySea, Japan

As the name suggests, this adventure park is not in Tokyo, but close to it, so you can drive here from the international airport, at the capital of Japan. Most of the rides here are based around the artificial water bodies, there are replica harbors of those in the Mediterranean and Arabia. There are artificial islands and lagoons. Millions of people come here with their young ones, throughout the year. So, if you have wanted to travel to Japan for some time, you will be able to plan something for your young ones too.

A final suggestion

These are just examples of some of the tourist resorts for your young ones, though there are hundreds of others across the world. However, we have chosen these as they are quite popular and regarded highly by those who have been here. One thing you should note is that at certain times of the year, these may be closed for various reasons or due to natural calamities, so make sure to call them before you arrive here.

By FlightsChannel Team