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Top 5 Islands with the Cleanest Beaches in the World

29 Nov 2023

In these days of climate change impacting our lives, we are all in search of holiday destinations to get away from the dirt and dust of our urban residences. No one likes any type of pollution, like breathing fumes from vehicles or polybags at the beaches where you are sunbathing or swimming. It is our collective responsibility to get rid of it and governments of most developed countries are promising everything to please the general population. Those of us looking for holidays will always prefer a clean area to travel to, just as we like to keep the areas we live in clean.

Some suggestions you cannot ignore

The holiday resorts know this as they don’t want to disappoint the tourists who come to visit them. The hotel owners and the restaurateurs will do everything to offer you a clean environment, as you are paying them for their services. But what about the garbage left over by tourists for any reason? Ideally, they should deal with it and if still the problem persists the local government should, as this is what people are paying them taxes for.

If there is a negative report about a holiday destination, tourists will feel discouraged to go there. So, we are listing for you some islands with beaches that are the cleanest in the world and the ever-increasing number of visitors to them is proof of this.

1. Bora Bora: created by the gods

These islands are in French Polynesia, a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Fishing and coconut farming was the major occupation before tourism. This is a small island with beautiful beaches and you could hire a bicycle to ride entire north to south or entire east to west. Tourism has literally forced the locals to learn the English language, which most tourists communicate in. The locals spoke Tahitian before the French came who taught them to speak their language too.

They chose even the current name of the island. The Americans had a base here during the Second World War but their forces were never contested. The airstrip they left behind was the major airport here for some years and it was enlarged for further use. If you are coming here, there are no direct flights. You will need to come to one of the major international airports on one of the Haiti islands and catch an onward flight from there. You may need to catch a boat ride to get to the main Bora Bora islands.

2. Anguilla: a 26-kilometer paradise to enjoy

Though the rest of the Caribbean is independent, this island is still a British Overseas territory. French, Dutch and English fought battles in the sea for control of these territories in the initial period of colonization and later on. Its current residents are mostly people of African origins who were brought here as slaves. There is no trace of the indigenous people who lived here prior to colonization. This island is not too wide, and when you see it from the air you will see that on both sides the beaches of this long strip that are used for tourism.

If archeology interests you there are some images left for you to see by people who lived here a few thousand years ago. Here you will get to see churches too, that are very different from those in the Western world.  It has its own international airport to welcome the tourists. There are direct flights from Puerto Rico and some other islands in the Caribbean, so you will need to get to them before you can fly to this destination. US dollars are an acceptable currency here. They are planning to harness more solar energy as a source of clean energy.

3. Seychelles: smallest in Africa but biggest for tourism

Nobody lived here before the Europeans established a colony here and they fought for its control too, with the British winning in the end. They brought slaves from the African mainland here who today form the majority of the local population. They also have Indian and Asian communities as minorities and they are part of the merchant class. These islands are popular with honeymooners from all parts of the world.

There are some old churches, built by Europeans that are still in use and there are some Hindu temples too. The slaves brought here were occupied mostly by agriculture, though fishing is even today a major occupation here. As you can imagine, there is always lots of seafood on the menu along with dishes from different cuisines and their variants. The international airport here welcomes close to a million people every year.

4. Ko Samui: the island of many names

This island is in a group of islands in southern Thailand, in the Gulf of Thailand. The initial settlers here were believed to be involved mostly with fishing. Even though tourism now is the main industry, coconut and rubber plantations are also significant contributors to the economy. All this has raised the living standards here. Apart from the excellent beaches, there are mountains with forest covers on most parts of the island.

You can catch a boat ride from Surat Thani on the mainland which is almost 35 kilometers sailing away. There are 44 small islands around this main one and you can see all of these in a single day's boat trip. As a tourist destination, it has given competition to the nearby tourist resorts due to longer dry seasons.

5. Santorini: the famous tourist resort in the Aegean Sea

These peaceful Greek islands are 200 kilometers away from the mainland. It is not too large in size though it has a mountain range on it. A few millenniums ago the area saw volcanic eruptions and even today the color of the sands on the beaches is proof of this. The temperatures here are enjoyable throughout the year, though it does rain a lot in the winters. If you are a tourist you can see first-hand the places where the grapes grow and the famous wineries.

You can visit farms here as agriculture was the major occupation here before tourism took over. If you go for a boat trip around the island you will see houses on hills and many pleasant views of the island. You can even see 16th-century forts here, built to guard against the ruthless pirates. As for traveling within the island you can catch a bus or hire a cab. As for getting here, you can catch flights to Santorini from Athens any time of the year, though in peak tourist season there are direct flights from a number of European cities.

Final thoughts

Holidays can be expensive affairs and we will expect nothing but the best. You will be annoyed if you have to inhale polluted air or if you see garbage lying around. The places you intend to visit are doing everything they can to make your holidays as enjoyable and clean as possible.

By FlightsChannel Team