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Santorini: Site of volcanic eruption turned into tourist resort

The mainland in Greece itself has a number of tourist destinations that are at the fingertips of most travel agents. If you ask them about some quiet island destination in this country, they will always recommend Santorini. When you think of holidays here, you will get images of long sandy beaches with mountains in the background. Once you get here you will instantly recognize the distinct architecture of Greek buildings. The island was believed to be circular in shape when a volcano erupted in the middle of it and the crater got filled with sea water. The proof of this is the current shape of the island and those around it, along with the volcanic ash that has changed the color of sand on the beaches. There are some small craters in the middle of the islands in its current shape as well. This group of Islands is today called Caldera. If you need flights to Santorini, we can assist you.

Different names but the same effect

This island exists along with other Greek Islands in a large archipelago. Though its popular name is Santorini, it was called Thera in the past, the name the current authorities are trying to promote it with. The name Thera came from the person who was behind setting up a Greek colony here, while the name Santorini was given after the name of a popular saint by its Latin rulers. If you want to understand the history of the region, there are a few archaeological sites, along with paintings reflecting the culture of their times. The settlements here are not together but spread over the entire island in the form of different towns and villages. Till the time of the Ottoman Empire, the locals here were involved with agriculture and fishing, exporting everything excess they produced. If you are searching for cheap flights to Santorini, you will find them right here.

A-listed tourist destination

Today it is an important tourist destination, on the bucket list of every traveler who wants to see the best sights in the world. Quite a few cruise ships don't just pass over but have a stop here, so the passengers onboard can come and experience something different. There are ferries too for traveling between islands or to the Greek mainland. It is popular with honeymooners who get opportunities for excellent photographs with so many backgrounds. It has been part of natural disasters including an earthquake in the last century, but it has become popular with tourists over the last half century. Today the airport itself welcomes almost 3 million visitors every year. And for them, there are hotels along the beaches, as well as restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine. We offer the best airfare to Santorini, in case you are looking for it.

An experience you will not forget

The temperatures here are enjoyable all year round, though the rainfall can get excessive in winter. If you like wine, there are plenty of wineries where you can see the production process and taste their unique offerings. Everything here smells and tastes different due to the presence of volcanic ash in the soil. The architecture of the buildings along the coast of the Aegean Sea can be considered a symbol of what tourists can savor here. There are a number of forts, castles and towers that most tour operators will take you to. For moving within the island, you can consider traveling by bus or book a cab. If you want to explore the coastline you can book a seat on medium-sized boats where barbecue items along with drinks are offered complimentary. If you are planning a trip here you can get plane tickets to Santorini Greece through us. 

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans How quickly can I book air tickets to Santorini?

We offer an easy-to-use interface that allows you to complete your bookings in a few minutes.

que-ansque-ans Can you help me with last minute flights to Santorini?

If the flights to Santorini are available we will always list them for you.

que-ansque-ans Are there any direct flights to Santorini?

The availability of non stop flights to Santorini depends on the city you are flying in from.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any flight deals to Santorini

If you search for flights through us we will list all deals with their rates.

que-ansque-ans How much does a one way flight to Santorini cost?

The cost of flights varies from one airline to another and usually, the greater the distance to Santorini is, the higher will be the airfare.

que-ansque-ans Where can I find direct flights to Santorini Greece?

You will find these easily with a search with us or call us at the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922 for any kind of information.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any non stop flight deals to Santorini?

There are nonstop flights from Athens all year round and there are nonstop seasonal flights from dozens of locations in Europe.

que-ansque-ans Which is the best day to book flights to Santorini?

Book early and stay safe, and for the lowest airfares give Wednesdays a try.

que-ansque-ans Name the best airlines to fly to Santorini.

Aegean Airlines is ideal if you are flying in from Athens and there are numerous budget airlines offering seasonal flights.

que-ansque-ans How can I get to Santorini International Airport?

You can catch a bus if you prefer public transport, though they all will take you to Fira, from where you can switch or you can always book a cab.

Airport information

  • Airport Name : Santorini
  • IATA Code : JTR
  • Country : Greece
  • Continent : Europe

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