8 Destinations Where Your Winter Adventure Dreams will Come True

01 Dec 2023

Whether you love them or hate them, you will have to live with the seasons that your region goes through. In summer you can turn the air conditioning on and try loose-fitting clothes, in winter you will try to stay warm by turning on the heater and wearing as many layers of clothes as you are comfortable with. The general image of these seasons is that, while in summer you will be running to the beaches in winter most people will prefer to stay indoors. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, most people whether students or workers get time off in the summers, in winter there are the Christmas and New Year holidays, and others which come in the form of 3-day weekend breaks. So, for winter you have 2 options for holidays, either you can avoid the winter or face it head-on. Below are some suggestions that are popular with the general public.

1. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

This national park is open throughout the year. If you have come here in summer, you should come again in winter to see how the scenery changes completely. To prepare for the trip here, you should make the reservations as you will need tickets to enter this park and you should pack all clothes items for a sub-zero degree experience. There are lodges within the park, if you plan to stay for long, though you will need snow coaches to get to them or to travel long distances to popular spots. You can easily rent the gear for skiing and you will need to rent snowshoes for exploring the vast land covered with ice. If you want to see wolves and other animals covered in ice, this will be a good opportunity. Don’t forget to bring your cameras along to capture images that will remind you of your adventure.

2. Lake Placid in New York state

This destination has been host to the Winter Olympics and there is a large science museum spread over acres which the young ones always enjoy the most. You can ride over horses or ride with dog sleds to see how things were before modern transportation changed the world. There is a frozen lake here in the winter and you can ski over it easily. There are hotels and restaurants, so you can easily rent any gear for any snow-based activities. If you are one of those who prefer the extremes, this will be an ideal winter holiday destination for you. You will even get to ride a gondola and see the large spaces around covered with ice. There is the Whiteface Mountain close by where you can go snowboarding.

3. Grand Canyon in Colorado

Yes, when you think of this name you think of red mountains spread over a vast land, with every mountain having a red color but a different shape. Now imagine this scenery in winter, yes all of these mountains will be covered in snow. To catch the views you will have to get on top of one of these mountains and of course, you will be ready with your smartphone to snap as many photos as you may need. If you like camping in winter, you will get an opportunity to do that here and you may stumble into the wildlife as you scout at the feet of these mountains. 

4. Fairbanks in Alaska

If you have always wanted to see Nordic lights, you don’t have to go too far as you can see these in this small city in Alaska. There are flights to Fairbanks from a number of airports in the USA. It offers all the activities that you can imagine at a winter tourist resort. There are frozen rivers and you can ride snowmobiles over them or catch chairlifts to take a look as far as possible. There are hot springs where you can even dip in winter. Everything you need for any winter activity is available for rent here.   

5. Cancun in Mexico

This resort can be enjoyed in all seasons of the year. Though more tourists come here in winter than in summer. The reason is simple, all those who come here need a break from the chill around them. There are excellent beaches around here and you can sunbathe while people you know are freezing in the cold. There is plenty of sunshine and there is virtually no rain in this season. A number of Americans come here to celebrate Christmas and New Year. There are direct flights to Cancun from several major cities in the USA, though some of these are seasonal. Also, Americans don’t need a visa if they are coming here for a short trip to this holiday destination in Mexico.

6. Maui in Hawaii

This island in Hawaii serves the same purpose in winters that many tourist destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean do, help tourists escape the intolerable winter in the North of the mainland. If you have heard a lot about Hawaii and feel that you should pay a visit, you will find the temperatures highly enjoyable here in the winter. All activities that you associate with an island with nice beaches are possible here. You will be surprised to know that thousands of whales come close to these islands in this season and you will definitely get an opportunity to see them in all of their glory. In this season, there are big waves which some surfers more than enjoy and others enjoy them doing it.

7. Barbados in the Caribbean

This island exists mainly for tourism and you can enjoy the beaches here at any time of the year. Tourists come here not just from North America, but from several European countries including the UK. The locals here have everything ready for you, whether it is accommodations of different kinds with different services or the restaurants, bars where you can try the local cuisines and beverages. As for the activities, they offer kitesurfing and Jet blading. If these seem too risky, you can sail in a boat around this island. If you feel like it, you can even explore the green interiors of this island on a safari trip.

8. Cairo in Egypt

If you totally want to go to a destination that is very different from what you are used to try Cairo, the capital of Egypt in North America. Most of this country is covered with desert, like every Middle Eastern country, and Cairo is not along the seaside though the River Nile flows close to it. You can catch boat rides along it or travel to the famous Pyramids close by, though there are other monuments too. The winters here are mild and Europeans flock here for a break, which means hotels are booked to full capacity. There are non-stop flights here from cities in the Northeast of the USA, though you will be onboard for more than 10 hours.


Now that you have a long list in front of you, all you have to do is choose. We have done some of the hard work for you to save you time, and we assure you that the details offered are accurate. Though, many other winter holiday destinations serve the same purpose as these. These listed here are among the more popular ones.

By FlightsChannel Team