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Best flight deals to Charlotte, NC (CLT)

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Charlotte: Playing an important role in the state (CLT)

This is the most populous city in North Carolina and has been for the last century. A lot of people come here to settle here leading to the constant increase in population. Also, it has a very high number of new births again contributing to the same, highest in the entire of USA. The city is an important stop on the state's roads and railways. It also plays an important role as a hub for the airways. The city has been traditionally religious, so there are more than a few churches for you to see here. As for business, it’s only next to New York. If you need cheap flights to Charlotte, just search for flights through us.

A city of many names

The metropolitan region it is in is often called Metrolina. It is often called the city of churches as it is regarded as the leader of Christianity in the surrounding states. It is also referred to as the queen city, as it was named after the queen of Britain in the 1760s. Initially, it was called Charlottesburgh or Charlottetown when it was initially established. The residents here are often called Charlottians. There are lots of water bodies on the edge of the city or close to it. This means that on weekends, particularly in the summers there is a lot of water fun to be had. If you want to get here we will arrange for you plane tickets to Charlotte NC.

Interesting history

The citizens here are very proud of the history of the city including the role their forefathers played in the independence of the country. Like the rest of the country, the major industry here was agriculture, cotton was the main produce of the city then and of the people who occupied the area around the city. It was also a major railroad station allowing for the cotton to be transported to other cities and other states. In the early 19th century there was gold rush here as some was found in the areas close by. The city also played an important role in world war, as a base of the army. Sounds interesting, get here with direct flights to Charlotte right now.

A hidden secret for tourists

This city sees four seasons of course including hot summers and mild winters. As for the tourists, there are lots of planned trips on foot, through vehicles or with Segway. There are museums and art galleries to be visited. There are aquariums to be seen and manmade fountains where you will not want to miss the photo opportunities. There are numerous large and major American companies here, which means that you will have an interesting skyline to see in the evenings. If you want to find out more secrets about the city we can help you with round trips to Charlotte.

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Airport information

  • Charlotte Airport information
  • Airport : Charlotte Douglas Intl. Airport
  • IATA Code : CLT
  • Phone : +1 704-359-4013
  • Address : 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208

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