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Smart Ways to Find Cheap Flights for Large Families

28 Jun 2024

Most families will travel together for holidays or to meet their other family members like their grandparents, uncles, cousins, or distant relatives. As for holiday destinations, there are some that are suitable for families while there are others for those looking for adventures. Most families will get together and vote for where they would want to go and usually the destination agreeable to most members of the family will be selected. In some families, the elders will have a greater say while in others the youngsters will have their own ideas, some which have been borrowed from their friends. Each member of the family will have a preference about where they want to get to, but finally either someone will come forward with a decision or the choice of the majority will be preferred.

Sharpen your online skills

online skills

The main factor that will play an important role in the choice of the destination will be the available finances for the trip. The domestic destinations will be cheaper than the international ones to fly to unless you are able to find some good discount offers. To look for these you will have to look at the websites of various airlines and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). You can even subscribe to their emails where they will come up with their promotions, which often will be for a particular destination, hence making the choice for you.

Expect good offers flying together

group travel offers

As for the flights, you will want to make sure that your seats are next to each other. You should also choose direct flights over those with stopovers, so you don't feel inconvenient switching flights as a large group. If your family has 9 or fewer persons flying together you will be able to book flights online or else you will have to request an airline or OTA for a quote. This has benefits as the airlines will want to have their seats booked at the earliest and these group bookings will help them with this. To encourage this they will come up with cheap offers for you, so you will have already met your objective of finding cheap flights.

Don’t miss out on the sales

family flight deals

If you are planning a winter break together, like a Christmas holiday, you can make use of the offers that will your way with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales around Thanksgiving Day. Most airlines will allow you to book your flights up to 11 months in advance, so if you are a good planner you will be booking your flights for even your summer holidays with these sales. It is always best to book flights early and this is what every flight booking expert will recommend. This will not only ensure that you get flights for less due to greater availability of seats but will also make sure that these are available and your travel plans don't fall into disarray.

Be flexible with dates and times

flights flexibility

When you are preparing for your flights you will want to make sure that you will be as comfortable as possible when flying, which will mean that the younger ones and the elders are looked after well. There will be assistance from the stewards and air hostesses, however your own preparations will help you a long way. If it is a late night flight you should get small pillows and come wearing suitable clothing. If it's a day flight you should bring some items to eat though you will offered meals & beverages according to the cabin class you are flying in. The timings of the flights often decide the airfare you will be paying for them. If you fly when not many people will, like late at night, obviously you will get cheaper flights. Also, most people prefer to fly on weekends, so cheaper ones will be available in the weekdays.

Choose cheaper airlines and seats

low budget seats

As for the airlines you intend to fly with it will again depend on the destination. If you are flying internationally there will be the major airlines offering you seats while for domestic or regional destinations there will be low-budget airlines too. Most low-budget airlines will have just the economy seats for you while the major ones will have business class and first class seats additionally. So to fly for less with family flight deals, you should opt for economy seats unless you have some extra cash to spend which will allow you to fly luxuriously in the more expensive cabins. 

You will get your way

off beat destination

If you are planning your annual holidays, you will know that the cost of the holiday will be lower if you can get your flights for less. You will know that air tickets cost more in the peak season, so you should look for flights in the off-season. If you still prefer to go for holidays in a particular season, but don't have the right funds, you should look for flights in the shoulder seasons, a fortnight before or after the season begins or ends. There will be destinations that will be hot even after the peak season is gone or others that will be cold even after the winter is gone, so opt for these.


If you are flying together as a large family, you will be spending a lot on your flights. However, there are ways to do this for less and the most important of these is flexibility with not just the dates but with the destination too.

By FlightsChannel Team
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