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Riding the Waves in California with the Best Surfing Spots

21 May 2024

Whenever you go on a beach holiday you will see different people involved in different activities along the shoreline. Some will be sunbathing, others swimming and there will be something to enjoy watching, the surfers. If it was up to the surfers they would have the whole beach to themselves and there are a few points that are popular with surfers where you will find these people only with their kind. At the popular beaches, if you are a learner, you can join coaching classes to become an expert surfer. Once you learn to surf, you will learn about the different kinds of waves or the names that surfers call these.

Some suggested surfing destinations

You can surf along most beaches though some are preferred more than others depending on how you will want to surf. In the summer, you will find surfers along beach destinations all across the country. Here we are focusing on California where a large number of locals and tourists wish to surf in various seasons. This state is next to the Pacific Ocean, on what is known as the West Coast. The temperatures in summer, when most people will be looking to surf are lower at the beaches than what they will be when you move a few kilometers inland. Here we list some cities where you will be able to join others interested in what you are interested in.

Los Angeles

los angeles surfing spot

This is the most populated city in California and has more than a few beaches for surfers including County Line and Sunset Beach. If you are a Los Angeles local you will be familiar with these and if you are planning a trip here, you should do some research to get to the best spot for yourself. Most locals will be coming in their vehicles and if you are from another city, you can tell the cab driver where you want to go to. You should also choose the time of the day that will be right for you and the type of surfing you want to be involved in.

San Diego

san diego surfing spot

This city is known to be at the Mexico border, but it is also known for the beaches and temperatures that don’t get too low in the winter. If you are coming to San Diego from another city or state, you will be planning to get your surfing boards with you, the ones that you are used to. Even if you buy new ones here, you will not want to leave them here. However, taking these with you on flights can be an issue because of their sizes and what the airlines will be charging you for taking these with your baggage. So, it is best if you rent these from a local vendor and you should find out all the details before you get here. 

San Francisco

san francisco surfing spot

This is the most important city in the North of California and falls in what is known as the Bay Area. There are many beaches here and Bolinas Beach along with Mavericks is popular with the locals. Most tourist advisors will recommend fall as the right season, September to October to those coming to San Francisco, as the temperatures on the sand won’t be too high and the sea won’t be too cold. There will be different waves at different times of the day, so you should choose the right time of the day for the type of surfing you are comfortable with. 

Newport Beach

newport beach surfing spot

This city is popular with the surfing community of California with different names for different parts of the shore, like The Wedge and the Newport Point. Almost everyone here knows how to surf and most people have grown up surfing as their favorite sport. If you are coming in the summer you will be in your beach gear, but if you want to enjoy the cold sea waters even more you should bring your wetsuits with you, which will be a must for the winters anyway. You should also get your rash guards, no these are not the sun cream that you should bring with you but a piece of clothing to protect you from any rashes.

Santa Cruz

santa cruz surfing spot

This city though large in size, doesn’t have a large population. Tourism is an important part of the economy here and quite a few surfers come here every year not just from the city or state but from all over the country. If you are an expert you can join the annual surfing competition, though you will have to pay a small fee. Some people have gone as far as calling this city the “Surf City”, with all kinds of waves throughout the year for the experts and the beginners. You should try Steamer Lane or the Natural Bridges according to the type of surfing you want to take part in. Tourists come here not just through domestic but through international flights too.


ventura surfing spot

Surfing is a popular sport in this city and you will find people surfing on the beaches throughout the year. There are plenty of beach spots here and C Street along with Silver Strand Beach is popular with the locals. You will always have people joining you as you surf no matter what season it is, though there will be higher numbers in the summer and the fall, with tourists joining the locals from other parts of the country. This will be the ideal surfing destination for you if you do not want to spend much on your holidays.


Surfing is a popular pastime for those who live along the coasts in the USA and that is true for California too. Even if you live inland you can learn how to surf and enjoy holidays in this southern state. Once you get used to it you will want to try different new beaches across the state to surf.

By FlightsChannel Team
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