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Open jaw flights: another way to plan your journey

15 Apr 2024

If you don’t fly often or even if you do open-jaw flights, could be a new term to you. This term refers to the type of flight booking where your origin is confirmed and there are options for destinations and where you return to. For example, you have 2 destinations with you reaching the second destination without catching a flight and you return to the origin when your purpose is served. These are different from round-trip flights where you will be traveling between 2 cities, as here you will be traveling between more of them. 

Book these and rest easy

book flights early

These flights are helpful as you will have confirmed air tickets with you, though if you are certain of finding flights, you can always book one-way flights every time you plan to fly. Still, this can be expensive apart from being uncertain. As for the process to book open jaw Flights, you can choose the multi-city flight option available from the airlines or the OTA (Online Travel Agency). Just the way roundtrips flights cost less than 2 one-way flights, you can hope for a lower fare when booking all flights you plan to catch together.

When you can opt for these?

planned a trip

These could be domestic or international flights or a combination of these. Most people will go with this idea to save money. Mostly these are booked if you are planning to spend some time in and explore the destination country like a backpacker. These flights will work well if the country you are traveling, to, has good transport for inter-city travel like railways or long highways connecting them. For instance, you may be planning to explore an Asian or African country, you land in the capital on your flight from your Western country, spend some time in various cities, and catch a flight from a major city in that country to get back to your home city.

Other scenarios

open jaw scenarios

If you have wanted to explore European cities and you want to travel to more than a few, you could try open jaw flights when you have to travel long and use trains or buses when traveling between the cities. You could use these flights when you are planning a cruise, with the ship picking you up from one city and taking you to another one and you booking flights to get to the first city and return flight from where the cruise ends. For such trips, you will need to make good plans, so you don't miss your flights. You will have to arrange for the accommodation and ground transportation, too.

The types of open-jaw flights

types od open jaw flights

These can be classified into destination open-jaw, origin open-jaw, and double open-jaw flights. The destination open-jaw is where you return to the airport you started your journey from. The origin open jaw is one where you return to a different airport in your country from one destination. The double open-jaw flights are those when both of your flights are between totally different cities. Some people book these just to save money, as you could find a cheaper return flight from an airport other than where you landed. For instance, if you traveling to a city with multiple airports, you should choose them according to the flight prices you will be paying. This will work well with cities like New York and London, which are served by multiple airports.

How you can help yourself?

If you are flexible with dates and flight times, you will be able to find cheap open jaw flights easily. This will give you more options not just for airfare but for the number of flights that will be available for you. As for the airline of your choice, you would be able to book open jaw flights with a single one if they offer flights to more destinations than others, or else you will have to choose flights from a combination of airlines. This will work well if the country you are traveling to has airports in their major cities and if they will be offering flights back to your country, particularly international ones.


There could be another case, for instance, if you are an American planning to explore the Arab world, then you can come to Dubai, travel to the destinations you have in mind, and then catch a return flight to Dubai, before returning to America. There are flight categories for the various types of itineraries you have in mind and one of these is open-jaw flights which have been described in great detail above. You can lower the open jaw flight ticket price, by booking these early, just as you would be able to save on any flights by booking at the earliest.

By FlightsChannel Team
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