Top LGBTQ-Friendly Travel Destinations to Celebrate Pride Month

25 Jun 2024

Every member of the LGBTQ community will want to know if the destination they are planning to travel to is safe for them or not. There are cities that are hostile to them or have elements in their society that don't accept them, so obviously you will want to avoid these. Once you get to your chosen tourist resort, you will also want to find out where the members of your community hang out. There are people who will find you queer, but you are what you are and most of you will want to avoid any arguments let alone get involved in heated debates. Hence the need to find destinations where either people accept you or most of them have the same views as you.

Playing it safe

There are countries that have laws offering protection to you, so you will be able to find accommodation without having to worry about being harassed after being found out as a member of the LGBTQ community. As for the flights, most airlines will accept your business but the same cannot be said about the passengers sitting next to you. If you wish others to understand you, you will have to make efforts to understand the concerns of others. Churches across the world have started accepting LGBTQ persons, but the same cannot be said about Islamic nations, another hint about where to go and where not to go.

Some destinations for Pride month

June is the month that is recognized as the pride month by most of the community, though in some cities the month can vary. In this month you can expect parades, parties, and other celebrations. Below we list 5 cities that you can consider to travel to in this month. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

lgbtq Rio de Janeiro

When you think of this city, you think of Carnivals with dancers in exotic dresses and beaches full of people enjoying themselves. The state this city is in allows same-sex marriage and the major beaches like Copacabana have their own sections for the members of the LGBTQ community. You will find bars and pubs that don't just accept you but some that are specifically for you. There are even some clubs where you can enjoy the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro. In the nearby city of Sao Paulo, you will be able to see the pride parade in the pride month of June attended by millions every year.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

lgbtq asmterdam

Europe always takes the lead in everything innovative in the world and the Netherlands has been at the forefront of equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Amsterdam, the capital of the country is a prime example of what this country has to offer to this community. The first half of every August sees a lot of celebrations and activities related to LGBTQ folks. There is the canal parade which takes place in this period attended by hundreds of thousands of people. There are not just same-sex marriage laws but members of this community can adopt children too and there are laws to guard them from discrimination. Within Amsterdam, there are a few areas populated exclusively by members of this community. There is no shortage of bars, clubs, and restaurants for them either.

Toronto, Canada

lgbtq toronto

Different cities in Canada have different laws for LGBTQ people. Toronto is one of the safest cities for you with laws on your side. This country used to be very conservative a century ago and in recent years apologies have been offered to the members of the community, one even from the Prime Minister for the wrongs done in the past. This city is ranked highly in the world in terms of being an LGBTQ-friendly city. There are a few neighborhoods including some new ones that are housed by mostly gay people. In June you can expect to join a number of LGBTQ festivities including parades. This is one of the safest cities in the world for the community.

Sydney, Australia

lgbtq sydney

In this part of the country, you will find rainbow flags, symbols of not the LGBTQ community but those of the LGBTQIA+ community which includes the intersex and asexual people too. A significant percentage of the population categorizes themselves as these and hence the positives rules and laws for them. As most cities that accept you, there are areas with a large percentage of people from the community, some historic ones that fought for their rights. In many parts of the city, you will find same-sex couples holding hands together and most bars and clubs will accept you without a smirk. 

Gran Canaria, Spain

lgbtq gran canaria

If you have always wanted to visit an island destination that will accept you without any trouble you should come to Gran Canaria, a Spanish island, close to the North African coast. Here you will find like-minded people at the beaches and if there was heaven for this community, it would be here. There are bars exclusively for gay people and you will find many people like you walking on the streets without any concern about being discriminated against. There are a number of LGBTQ festivals that you can join and enjoy. There will be parties, live music, and drag shows that you can associate with. You will even find accommodation with people who look like you and behave like you.


The world has changed a lot in terms of laws and openness to the LGBTQ community. Still, there are a few cities and countries that are more welcoming to them than others. Here we have listed the cities that are more welcoming to this community than others, particularly for the pride month of June. 

By FlightsChannel Team
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