Best European Countries to Visit in September 2024

13 Jun 2024

September is the beginning of fall in most of the Western world, the summer is over and so will be the summer holidays of most people. The early part of this month is also considered as the shoulder season, which means that there will be enough warmth and sunshine to make your vacation to summer tourist destinations possible. If you haven’t had the opportunity of a break this summer, this month will be the right time for this. However, fall brings its own sights and smells, to make you consider other destinations for a visit. 

Top European Countries to Visit in September for Every Traveler

Most people in the North American continent have dreams of traveling to European nations and September will be the right time if you don’t want to be part of large crowds at the destination or at the airports. You may have difficulties in getting time off if you are a family with school or college-going students, with their new academic years starting. However, if most of your colleagues have had holidays and are back at work, now will be the right time for you to ask for annual leave. However, if you are able to get some time off, there will be cheap flights in September for you, with the peak season already gone. Here we suggest some European nations where this month will be suited to most holidaymakers.



The part of France you will be going to will depend on the temperatures you want to experience and the activities you want to be involved with in September. The weather is pleasant across the country, though the temperatures will be on the higher side as you move towards the south of this country. For your perfect getaway to Europe, there are numerous cities in the country with their festivals and culinary experiences to offer. You will be able to find flights to Paris in this month much more easily than in the previous months. There are quite a few museums and art galleries here that attract millions of visitors every year. If you are here for an adventure there are the mountain ranges passing through the country and if you are after the nightlife, you will find bars and clubs with live performances.



This country doesn’t get too cold in September, no matter if you are in the cities or the countryside. Most overseas tourists will be gone from the beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, but the temperatures will be warm enough to invite you for a swim. Rural tourism is getting big here, which allows tourists to see the rural life, which involves a lot of farming and gives you opportunities to see vineyards. Like most other countries in Europe, here you will find castles and palaces that are centuries old. If you are a good driver, you can rent a car and ride along different parts of this country, stopping at cities like Madrid, the capital of the country to be part of various cultural activities like enjoying flamenco dances.  



This country is known for its Alps in the North and the beaches in the South. This is the country that gave Christianity to Europe, so expect to see large cathedrals in all major cities. There are some cities like the capital Rome that have existed for a few millenniums, giving you the opportunity to explore numerous archeological sites. There are cities like Florence where the fashion trends of the world take shape, so you have plenty of stores to go window shopping and you will always find the ideal gift for your friend or family. Items from Italian cuisine like pizzas and ice creams are served all over the world, but you will always find a different flavor in the mother country. This country is known for offering fine dining options and you can always enjoy a romantic dinner here in September.

United Kingdom

united kingdom

Most travelers will feel more comfortable traveling to this country than other countries because of the language factor, the English language, which is the language of business across most of the world. This large island nation is not known to be a major beach destination in any month, but there are plenty of old buildings to admire and modern adventures that you can be part of. The London Zoo, in the capital of the country is among the largest in the world. If you ever travel to this city, you must try the rides over the London Eye, a large wheel that allows you to look at large parts of the city from varying heights. You can choose to walk along the various river trails or ride boats to admire the architecture of the structures along them. In September the wind will feel cooler and you will find warmth with others in the pubs that are center of social activity in most areas.


athens, greece

The weather in September in Greece is highly enjoyable, with the excessive heat of the summer gone away and the seas warm enough for pleasant swimming. This country has thousands of islands in the south which allow you quiet holidays which will be even quieter in this month. There will be plenty of sunshine so you could travel around these islands or cities if you are on a city tour. The cuisine here is very different and you will find plenty of good eateries if you like experimenting with your food. This country has a long history and there are many old structures, some of which are ruins giving you a glimpse into what took place here. This is also the only European country with a desert, so a tour here will be very different too. 



This landlocked country in the middle of Europe is known for its mountain ranges and the large water bodies including lakes. The temperatures in September will be mild enough to invite you to go hiking in the hills or go cycling along rivers between different cities. If you want to avoid the winter chill but enjoy admirable sights, this month will be just right for you. You will be able to find areas in the interiors of the country with large and small waterfalls with villages nearby. If you enjoy quiet walks, you will enjoy your trip to Switzerland. This country shares borders with different European nations and the locals in the border cities speak the language of the neighboring nations too. You will find large cities and small towns with proud histories, traveling to these will let you understand the true meaning of this nation.


Here we have suggested why you should consider September for holidays and the destination countries in Europe that will be ideal for you. Every country in Europe has something different to offer in terms of culture, cuisine, and sights and we have listed the nations that are among the most visited in this month in the continent.

By FlightsChannel Team
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