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San Juan: the rich port city for everyone

The area around the Caribbean Sea is famous around the world for the distinct multicultural life it offers. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico based in the north-eastern part of the country, which is not too large an island itself. It has a history of its own being the third oldest capital European settlement in the Americas. It falls within the Jurisdiction of the USA which means that you can legally do anything that is allowed in the mainland. It has good weather throughout the year, though it is known for its tropical monsoons. So, what’s stopping you? Book plane tickets to San Juan Puerto Rico now.

So much to see and so little time

It has a few forts that are a must-see for anyone visiting the city. It has seen action in many wars including the two World Wars which means when you visit the museums here, you will have plenty of colorful paintings and photos about everything that happened then. Most tourists come here looking for excellent beaches and the city is popular for parks of all kinds, ranging from historical parks to nature reserves. If you have some interest in architecture, there will be plenty here to explore for you. There are the old colonial-era Spanish buildings and you can see how the designs of buildings have evolved over the last century and a half. The city does not rely heavily on tourism as far as the economy is concerned but with the Puerto Rico international airport nearby, there are plenty of tourists here every year.

If you are bored with the routine Western life and want to explore places that are different in terms of weather or food, San Juan is the destination for you. However, it is recommended that you check the weather for your holiday period before making any bookings. If you are looking for cheap flights to San Juan, we have the tickets for you.

Flying to San Juan

This city is for you if you are interested in a major holiday destination in the Caribbean that has a Latin touch. You will be able to enjoy the hospitality as soon as you board the flights to this city. Most people come here for short trips, so round-trip flight tickets are always in great demand.

Explore San Juan

This is the capital city of Puerto Rico, a large island nation in the Caribbean Sea. It is very popular with North American nations as a tourist destination and it even receives tourists from several European nations. Most people come here for fun activities at the beaches and you will be able to do everything that is offered at any other popular beach resort in the world. There are a number of bars, and restaurants close to the beaches, where you can spend your evening chilling and admiring the views while sipping on your drinks and enjoying the local cuisine.

Tourist Attractions in San Juan

This city has a lot to see and it would need more than a day to go and see the major attractions here. The old part of the city called “Old San Juan” is an area where you can go sightseeing to see the architecture of the centuries gone by. There are castles and monuments with fountains to enjoy. You can hire a boat and travel around the edges of this city to see what it looks like from a distance. There are some museums here with some very old paintings. You can even go kayaking in the large water bodies and admire the sea creatures swimming under you.

Best Time to Visit San Juan

This city enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, though it can get a little hot for visitors from cold countries in the summer. Several airports in the USA and Canada offer seasonal flights to this destination in the winter, these are for those who want to escape the cold and damp weather of their towns and cities.

Major Airports

This city has 2 airports serving the city and the region it is and these are Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport which is the main airport for international passengers along with Fernando Ribas Dominicci which is a domestic airport offering chartered flights too.

Airport Transportation

There are cabs offered by several cab companies that offer pick-and-drop facilities at the international airport and you can even hire large coaches if you are coming here with a large group. You have the option of booking these before you get here, so everything goes according to your plans.

Planning Your Trip

If you are coming here from the USA, you would be happy to know that you can come here without a visa and just with a valid passport as long as you don’t plan to stay here for more than 90 days. What you will get in your baggage will depend on the reasons for your journey to this part of the world. You will choose your clothes accordingly, formal for your business trips and loose-fit clothes for your holidays. There are several tour operators here who will be able to guide you towards the popular tourist spots and rent you equipment for water and land activities.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans How can I book cheapest flights to San Juan?

Just comes to FlightsChannel and enter the details requested of you. In moments you will have the list of best flight deals which you can compare and choose one according to your requirements.

que-ansque-ans Will I be able to get tickets for round trip to San Juan Puerto Rico on the dates of my choice?

You will be if you book early enough. However if you delay flight booking you should be prepared to have flexibility in terms of dates to fly.

que-ansque-ans How easy is it to book flights to San Juan?

As with all locations there are the lean periods and there are the busy ones. San Juan being a popular tourist destination attracts more tourists in the summertime. We recommend that you enter your details on FlightsChannel and find out about the availability of tickets when you need them.

que-ansque-ans How expensive are the direct flights to San Juan?

The rates of the flight tickets fluctuate over different months, but as with most destinations the tickets are mostly affordable.

que-ansque-ans What do I need to book cheap flights to San Juan Puerto Rico?

When you are booking an Air ticket online, you will need to provide your personal and contact details. When you travel, you will need to carry the proofs of these details with you.

que-ansque-ans I want to book a last minute flight to San Juan Puerto Rico. Do American citizens need visa to travel to San Juan?

San Juan falls under American Jurisdiction, so you do not need any visa to travel there if you are an American citizen.

que-ansque-ans What airlines fly to San Juan Puerto Rico?

All major US airlines like Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, United, American fly to this destination and so do some international airlines.

Airport information

  • Airport Name : Luis Munoz Marin
  • IATA Code : SJU
  • Country : Puerto Rico
  • Continent : North America

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