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Flights to Puerto Rico: The islands of enchantment

This island nation in the Caribbean is known for its tourist destinations across the world. Though this country has much more than some good sites to see. This rectangular-shaped island has a large manufacturing sector that exports its products to the wealthier northern neighbors. This country itself has high income levels when you consider other countries in the Caribbean. If you are an American citizen you don't need a visa to come here as the US government administers this country. This means that you just need to book flights to Puerto Rico and you don't need a passport to get here as a valid ID like you driving license will do.   

An adventure to remember

It's an island nation so you will find beaches at the borders and there are mountains with forests to explore in the interior. Its capital San Juan is a prime example of what you will get to see and do here once you get here. Apart from the main island, there are a few smaller islands like Culebra where you can get involved in a lot of water fun including, boat rides and snorkeling. The cheap flights to Puerto Rico entice many visitors to come here for their holidays. This island is small enough for you to go to cities in all directions within a short duration. 

Your introduction to a cultural extravaganza

This country has a few festivals that you can be part of if you can get time off on the right dates. Most people here speak Spanish and this means that there are plenty of examples of architecture from the colonial era. You will find online a lot of tour packages that will decide the itinerary for you unless you want to pick and choose the cities with activities yourself. The packages often include the plane tickets to Puerto Rico, unless again you would like to book these yourself. This country has a unique cuisine to offer that has a lot of seafood and drinks that you will find only here. 

Places to visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has some amazing cities to visit and below we have shortlisted the ones that most people will dream of, with each having some unique places that you will enjoy visiting.


01 Aguadilla

Aguadilla, located on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, offers a variety of attractions that appeal to both adventure seekers and those looking to relax. Known for its natural beauty, history and recreational activities.


02 Bayamon

Bayamón, located near San Juan, is known for its vibrant culture, historical sites, and modern attractions. Known for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, art lovers and families.


03 Caguas

Caguas, located in the central mountain range of Puerto Rico, is a vibrant city known for its cultural heritage, outdoor activities, botanical gardens,, and family-friendly attractions,.


04 Carolina

Carolina, Puerto Rico offers beautiful beaches, cultural museums, outdoor activities in Piñones, and family fun at the Carolina Children's Museum.


05 Ponce

Ponce, Puerto Rico features historical architecture, art museums, vibrant plazas, and family-friendly parks.


06 San Juan

San Juan: historic forts, vibrant nightlife, colorful architecture, diverse cuisine, beautiful beaches, cultural festivals, and bustling markets.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans What is the cheapest month to fly to Puerto Rico?

August sees the most rainfall in the country, so you can expect the air tickets to be the cheapest in this month.

que-ansque-ans How long is a direct flight to Puerto Rico?

It will depend on the Origin airport and how far it is from the airport you are flying into in Puerto Rico.

que-ansque-ans What airlines fly to Puerto Rico?

A large number of major and low-cost US airlines with a few Latin American airlines offer flights to this city.

que-ansque-ansWhat part of Puerto Rico is the cheapest to fly into?

You will find the cheapest flights to the airport in San Juan.

que-ansque-ansIs Puerto Rico cheap for US citizens?

It is when you compare it to destinations within the USA.

que-ansque-ansWhat is the best area to stay in Puerto Rico?

San Juan and towns in the East Coast are preferred by most tourists.

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