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Regina: The center of everything important in the province

Regina in Latin means queen and this city is the capital of the province of Saskatchewan, one of the few provinces in Canada that does not share a border with a major water body. The central location of the city helps its economy as it lies in the middle of major road and rail routes. This is the second largest city in the province with a population of over 2 hundred thousand people. Historically the city was important to the country and was the capital of a large province before it was split up into the current provinces including Saskatchewan. If you require flights to Regina, we can arrange these for you.

From Buffalo Bones to Regina

Before the settlers came and built the city, this area was known as Buffalo Bones, or Wascana in the local language. This old name refers to the leftover bones of the buffalos after they have been chopped up for their meat. The initial settlers were mostly involved with agriculture and the city rose to prominence in the internal wars in the country. It was given its current name after Queen Victoria, the monarch of Britain at that time. If you have always wanted to see the mounted police in their traditional red dresses, you will have plenty of opportunities for this here. If you are looking for cheap flights to Regina, you will find them right here.

Harnessing the nature

As it is the capital of the province, there are quite a few government buildings here to see, if architecture interests you. There are quite a few private organizations too and the impressive skyline of the city is proof that there are plenty of them here. The region around the city is rich in minerals and other resources like oil, natural gas. These private organizations are here to exploit these, to make as much profit as possible. And this has created ample employment opportunities for the locals. Agriculture is even today a major industry here with the country's largest grain pool. If you have some business here, you can get plane tickets to Regina Saskatchewan through us.

From nothing to a large city

When the settlers came here, they found a large treeless area. The trees that you find in the city and around it have all been hand-planted. There was a creek here that has been used to create a man-made lake, and the area around it is known as Wascana Centre, one of the hundreds of parks in the city. If you are a tourist there are a few museums and art galleries, particularly those devoted to First Nation that you can visit. The winters here, as in the rest of the country are extreme. In summer the temperatures are enjoyable, though it rains throughout this season. We offer the best airfare to Regina, in case you are planning a trip here.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans Can you help me with WestJet flights Regina?

WestJet offers the most flights to this city. You can easily select this airline in your search filters to get a list of all possible flights.

que-ansque-ans Can you help me with last minute flights to Regina?

If the flights to Regina are available we will always list them for you.

que-ansque-ans Are there any direct flights to Regina?

The availability of non stop flights to Regina depends on the city you are flying in from.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any flight deals to Regina

If you search for flights through us we will list all deals with their rates.

que-ansque-ans How much does a one way flight to Regina cost?

The cost of flights varies from one airline to another and usually, the greater the distance to Regina is, the higher will be the airfare.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any non stop flight deals to Regina?

You can easily find this out through a search for flights, by providing all of the requested information. If you feel like verbally communicating with us, just call us at the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922.

que-ansque-ans Are there direct flights to Regina Saskatchewan from my city?

A number of airlines offer direct flights to this city from a number of domestic and international locations. Whether there is a direct flight from your city to Regina, a simple search for flights will give you the answer.

que-ansque-ans Are there any Air Canada flights to Regina?

Air Canada offers a few flights to this city.

que-ansque-ans Which is the best day to book flights to Regina?

If you book early, you will be able to get the air tickets on your terms. As for the best day of the week, any day in the mid-week will be ideal.

que-ansque-ans Which are the best airlines to fly to Regina?

WestJet, Air Canada and Sunwing offer flights to this city.

Airport information

  • Airport Name : Regina Intl
  • IATA Code : YQR
  • Country : Canada
  • Continent : North America

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