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Flights to Canada: A cold but happy country

The name of this country evokes images of forest areas with snow covers. This city is next to Greenland and above the USA in the North American continent. It is the second largest country in the world in terms of size, though comparatively, it is not that much populated with almost 40 million people calling this country their home. Due to this reason, they encourage immigration to increase the size of their workforce. It also has the largest coastline in the world as it is surrounded by three oceans. This means that seafood is quite popular here with some original dishes. If you are coming here, you will need flights to Canada and that is where we come in.

How history leads to the future?

This is one of those countries where the citizens speak different languages in different regions and these are English, French. There has also been a referendum in Quebec, if they want to be a separate French-speaking country, though this was rejected by most people. This country has a large network of rivers along with huge lakes, which were used for trade and today encourage tourists for water fun. The culture of indigenous people, which existed before the Europeans settled here is very much alive. Many parts of this country were part of the “New France” before the English were established as the regional power here. We have cheap flights to Canada for you if you are looking for them. 

Different choices for different seasons

If you are traveling here and are interested in nightlife, its large cities are recommended for this. If you want to see the real Canada, you can always select a remote location in the mountainous regions. Of course, winter sports are quite popular here with most cities having their ice hockey teams, which is also one of the national sports. As for tourists from other countries, the summer season is always a busy one. Though once upon a time the country was at war with the USA, today the citizens of both countries can cross the borders easily for business or pleasure. If you are planning to travel here, we can help you book the plane tickets to Canada.

Places to visit in Canada

Canada has some amazing cities to visit and below we have shortlisted the ones that most people will dream of, with each having some unique places that you will enjoy visiting.


01 Vancouver

Vancouver is a densely populated city in British Columbia. There are museums and century-old areas where you can understand the past of this city, tasting the local cuisine at the same time.


02 Montreal

The best months to come to Montreal depend on what you want to do. Summer is the peak season, though there are plenty of activities in winter too.


03 Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and next to the large Ontario Lake. The skyline here is admirable as are the castles. You can enjoy drinks here and there are parks to pass the time away.


04 Quebec City

Quebec City is the capital of Quebec, the French-speaking state in Canada. It has historic areas and tourists with different interests come here all year round.


05 Ottawa

If winter sports are what you seek, come to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. There is the National Gallery for art lovers and there are some prime examples of classic architecture.


06 Calgary

If you want to know about Wild West in Canada, you need to come to Calgary. If nightlife interests you there are plenty of nightclubs and bars with live music.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans What is the cheapest month to fly to Canada?

November is the month when you will find the cheapest air tickets to get to Canada.

que-ansque-ans What airlines fly to Canada?

Air Canada, Air France, Air India, British Airways, Air China, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, KLM, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines are some of the airlines that offer flights to this country.

que-ansque-ans What is the cheapest day to fly in Canada?

Tuesday is regarded as the day when you can get the cheapest tickets to fly in Canada.

que-ansque-ansHow long is a direct flight to Canada?

This will depend on where you are flying into Canada from. If you are flying in from North America, the flights will be shorter than if you are flying in from other continents.

que-ansque-ansWhat part of Canada is cheapest to fly into?

Montreal City in Quebec State is the cheapest to fly into.

que-ansque-ansIs Canada cheap for US citizens?

Different things cost differently in these countries. So, what you may find expensive in Canada will be cheaper in the USA and vice versa.

que-ansque-ansWhat is the best area to stay in Canada?

Toronto city in Ontario State is regarded as the best part of the country to stay in.

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