A Tourist Guide for Everything About Dubai Shopping Festival

24 May 2024

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2025 will be from 13 December 2024 to 19 January 2025 and it will be the 30th edition of this festival. This festival is organized, so the retailers offer you their merchandise at discounted rates. This applies not just to the large malls but such offers will come from shops in small markets too. You can compare this day with the Black Friday sale, only these sales last over a month. This festival is organized around Christmas and New Years’ time, so Dubai will be higher up on your list of destinations for your holiday, just because of this festival. You will be able to choose gifts for your near and dear ones or purchase items you have always wanted but were waiting for the right offers.

Making shopping more fun

enjoyable shopping

This time of the year is chosen for this festival as the temperatures will be at the lowest in the whole of the year, which will mean that the shoppers and tourists can move around easily without suffering from much heat. There will be plenty to look for in the evenings with fireworks shows and lighting installations. If you have traveled to Dubai before, you will have hired an evening cab to take a look at what the city with its unique large structures looks like in the evening and you will enjoy even more lighting effects during this festival. This city has many malls including Dubai Mall, Golden Village, and Dubai Marina Mall where you will find almost every item offered at discounted rates.

Giving you more reasons to shop

dubai shopping mall

Dubai has been famous for offering gold ornaments even before the modern city as it exists now came into existence. Nowadays you will be able to find any items that you can imagine. Whether you are looking for home appliances or electronic items like the latest TVs or Smartphones, you will be able to find them all here. Once you get here you will find a large crowd indicating the popularity of this festival with shoppers from all over the world. To attract shoppers there are cash prizes offered, and you just need your shopping receipts to join and win millions of Dirhams or a car or an apartment in Dubai.

After shopping


Dubai has much more to offer than shopping opportunities. 

  • There are the race courses and you don't have to be super rich to admire horses competing against each other. 
  • You can even go to the beaches or even better, go for a boat ride to see what the city looks like from a distance. 
  • You can even go for desert excursions beyond the city limits and ride around the desert with guides to assist you. 

DSF was initially invented to attract more shoppers, to increase trade, but now it is promoted to bring more tourists to this already popular destination in UAE. 

Flight deals for Dubai Shopping Festival

flights to dubai

However, to get here you will need flights to Dubai and there are more direct international flights to this city than any other city in the Arab world. The major Carrier of the city, Emirates offers flights to over 100 destinations all across the world, touching every major continent in the world. The Middle Eastern airlines have been much awarded for their business class and first-class seats. But if you are coming here looking for a grand sale, you will be looking for cheap flights to this city. You should note that as the festival date approaches the air ticket prices for flying to Dubai will get higher, so ideally you should book your flights to this city a few months in advance.

Americans maximizing their DSF experience

americans in dubai

You should also make sure that you have a visa to come here unless you are an American who can come here for a month without it, as long as you have a passport valid for the next 6 months. If you are coming here from North America, you will be flying over a few continents to get here. The flights will be long but once you land in this majestic city, you will feel that your efforts to get here were well worth it. Also, if you are coming here for a connecting flight, you should delay it by 2-3 days so you can join in the fun at this festival, which will kill two birds with the same stone. You will find that this city is similar and dissimilar to what you are used to in your part of the world. If you holiday regularly you will find that this holiday destination is different from others and if you are a shopaholic, this city will be a paradise for you.

By FlightsChannel Team
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