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Top 6 Green Airlines Committed to a Sustainable Future of the Aviation Industry

05 Jul 2024

The environment and its protection from harmful human activities is a priority for most nations and their leaders. The developed nations are known to cause much more pollution than the developing countries due to the fact that they consume a large proportion of natural resources whether oils or gases. As far as the airline industry is concerned, the developed nations have more airports and airlines serving them than the underdeveloped nations. So, in the efforts to curb pollution and save the world from the menace of excessive consumerism, most industries, including the aviation industry are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the natural habitat.

Every bit counts


The main pollution activities of the airline industry are not just the flights themselves but what the passengers do at the airport to get on these flights. Apart from the consumption of fuels, the usage of non-degradable items is a concern for those looking to conserve the environment. The major effort from the airlines towards making the world paperless has come true with the assistance of the internet. So, you don’t need to print anything as long as you have all of your details on your smartphone. You don’t need to travel to the airline offices to book flights, so reducing not just your effort but the usage of any kind of transport to get there. Most airlines are learning from each other as far as green initiatives are concerned. Here we list some airlines that are at the forefront of this effort and their efforts themselves.

United Airlines


This is one of the major airlines in the USA, offering flights over numerous domestic and international long-haul routes. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) has been the magic word for the last few years. It’s important because it will not run out the way petroleum will one day while not causing as much pollution. Most airlines are using a combination of regular fuel with SAF and as SAF becomes readily available at low cost, it will be the only fuel used. This airline has invested in research on this fuel, to see alternatives to its production. They are doing this in the hope of achieving net-zero emissions targets by the year 2050.

Delta Airlines


This is another major airline in the USA and takes pride in the seats in the expensive cabins it offers. Everybody in the industry knows that newer aircraft cause less pollution than the older ones, and this is not just because of the new engineering methods for their manufacturing but due to the aging of the aircraft too with regular use. Delta is introducing new aircraft to its fleet regularly to do what it can to curb pollution, though this does mean significant investments. They also believe that it is not just the aircraft that will lower pollution, but also the way these are used, so they are training their pilots to make optimum use of the flying machines.

British Airways


This airline knows that most educated people will prefer to work for organizations that are committed to a better future for the world. It’s not just the best talent that this will attract but the passengers will prefer them too. Yes, everybody has plans and this airline is making sure that these are implemented properly no just over the years, but in the immediate future too. They also offer you tools to calculate your carbon footprint for any of their flights and they are encouraging passengers to donate, as the more money is available the quicker the solutions will be found for the environment question.

Qantas Airways


Apart from investing in new low-pollution aircraft and SAF research, this airline is also looking for ways to minimize the use of plastic and reduce the waste that their activities cause. This airline is working with its business partners to devise new methods to guarding the environment and it also offers financial support to organizations that directly work towards protecting the natural resources of Australia. They are requesting their partners to use degradable materials for the items like cups that hey supply. This airline carries millions of passengers every year and if they themselves do not use much plastic or don’t cause much waste, they will be assisting the airline in achieving its environmental goals greatly.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


This airline is making sure that SAF is used for every flight and in as much quantity as possible. They are also investing in nature regeneration in developing countries in Latin America and Africa. This will mean making the soil fertile again and planting as many trees as possible, as these will consume excessive Carbon dioxide, the harmful gas that the airplanes release after consuming the fuel. They are also offering their passengers options to pay for the SAF fuel used on the flight, what are nowadays called green flights. They also request passengers to assist them in the fight against waste by bringing their own items like water bottles.

Air New Zealand


This airline is looking at all possible options to minimize the impact of flying on the environment. They know that a large number of their passengers are tourists, so they are working towards green holidays in which their country and the tourists will be equal partners. They care for their country and are working with the government towards what they call Climate Action. They are working towards improving the infrastructure for their aircraft and the passengers, along with landfill diversion, some acts that will have indirect and direct impact on the climate. They also have a vegetarian menu for their passengers, as meat production requires more energy, hence a greater impact on the environment.


Every airline is making some efforts to save the environment we live in and here we have listed the ones that are doing the best in this regard. Yes, they are making efforts from their side, but we as passengers can do our bit too.

By FlightsChannel Team
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