The Conference Destinations that will Leave You Bedazzled

17 Apr 2024

Most similar businesses often have associations and they often meet once every year to share ideas and knowledge they believe will benefit everyone. You may say where is the competition in this? But it does give rise to new national and international partnerships. Conferences are not just held by businesses but by those who want to share their ideas with people of common interests. You can even have holidays after the conference, as you will have plenty of time to explore the city you are in. If a city has conference centers, it will certainly have good infrastructure for traveling around. It could be like a working holiday for your employees attending the conference.

From the business point of view

business conference

You will also need suitable accommodations and arrangements for food & beverages. Whether the conference is organized by your company or another one, everything to attend the conference is booked usually by the company itself. You will also need flights to get to the conference unless it is being organized in your city. As for flight booking, you can go or the option of a group booking, which most airlines often offer for such bookings and with discounts. As you will be away for a short trip, you can choose between major and low-cost airlines, and you should choose among these keeping the needs of your employees like baggage, and Wi-Fi connections in mind. While most major airlines will include everything in the air ticket price, the low-cost ones will expect you to pay for these.

Some suggestions for multinational conferences

Whatever your purpose for holding your conference or convention is, you will be looking for a suitable venue for it. If the people you want to invite are spread out all over the world, you will need to find a city that will have all the facilities for them and where they can get easily, without any hassle. Here we suggest a few conference destination cities, that most big businesses know about and we believe will be extremely useful for you.

Chicago: Leading the world of conventions


This city has hundreds of options for you in terms of conference halls. It is a heavily populated city in the Midwest and has every amenity that any city of this stature will have. Chicago has 2 international airports close to it and there are a few nearby. The major international airport O’Hare is one of the busiest in the world, which means there are many direct International flights from many locations across the world. This city is also popular with tourists, so you will find good accommodations and eateries easily. Once your conference is over you can relax by the lake or in any of the many parks.

Singapore: this city means business


Singapore is known as an important finance center worldwide. And there is no shortage of conference halls. You can choose one according to the number of attendees they are offering and according to your budget. The snacks and drinks offered during the conference will be included in what you will have to pay. Singapore is well connected to other cities not just in Asia, but worldwide, so you can hope to find cheap flights if you look early enough. There are many large famous hotels here, though there are cheaper options for accommodations too. Once you get here you will have plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and if you like Chinese food, you will definitely enjoy the Singaporean versions of many items.

Las Vegas: A desert venue for conventions

las vegas

This city is not just for entertainment, it means business too. If you are planning on inviting over 100,000 people to your convention, you will have a few options in this city. For smaller conferences, you can choose between indoor and outdoor options. This is well connected to major American cities through domestic flights and the airport here welcomes international flights too. Las Vegas has good public transport and if you prefer to move around alone, there are plenty of cabs to assist you. There are plenty of casinos and live performances that you can enjoy. You just need to name the cuisine and you will find a restaurant serving it.

Paris: The old destination in Europe for conferences


Paris is famous across the world for many things and one of these is the conference halls, which are available in large numbers, each unique with something different to offer. Some offer good views while others are environmentally friendly. Your choice will usually depend on what you can afford or what you want to offer to the attendees. Paris has a system of airports that handles over 100 million passengers every year. This city also has excellent public transport, so you will have no issues reaching your accommodation from the airport. The items from the local cuisines offered here will guarantee that no one even thinks about missing your conference.

Orlando: Everything new and modern about conferences


Orlando is famous across the USA for its convention centers and these are as important to the local economy as tourism. Whether you are holding a large conference or just for your company, you are sure to find a conference hall that meets your requirements. Some of these are at large hotels and resorts, so you can book these in addition to the accommodation. Orlando is as popular with businessmen as it is with young kids, as you will have plenty of activities to keep you entertained and busy. It has 2 international airports connecting it to numerous destinations worldwide and another one for executive jets.


By now you would have understood what you will need and what you will get when you plan to hold conferences or conventions in these cities, which are popular worldwide for this. If you live away from these cities, you will need domestic flights and international flights if you are coming over from abroad. If direct flights to these cities are not possible from your local airport, you will need to get to one that does and then catch connecting flights. Flights are just one part of organizing your conventions and you will need to think of other factors too, before you make an informed decision. 

By FlightsChannel Team
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