All the Encouragement Americans Need to Visit India

29 May 2024

India despite having a large infrastructure for tourists, attracts much fewer foreigners than what is expected. The tourism sector here relies more on domestic tourists than foreign ones. The tourists who come here from overseas are mostly from Europe, particularly from the UK, a country that colonized this large land, and Israel. Still, their numbers are not large enough and the main reason for this is the image of the country in the rest of the world. It is regarded as not a top-notch tourist heaven but a place where you will experience a culture very different from what you are used to. In recent decades there have been huge investments from international businesses in this country, particularly for software, but this hasn’t changed the way the world looks at this old nation.

Turning negatives into positives

a new india

US companies, such as Google and Accenture, form a large chunk of the companies that have offices here. Still, the Americans coming here are a very small proportion of the international tourists who come here. The Ministry of Tourism has been doing what it can with advertisements about the attractions that it believes will pull more tourists this way, on international channels. Americans are known more for enjoying domestic destinations and they travel to countries in their regions more for seasonal holidays, for a change in the weather. The Indian summers can get too hot for them and the cold winter or monsoons will definitely encourage a big no from them.

Capturing an unknown market

experience the difference

If security is an issue, you should know that India has modernized a lot in recent years, so there are malls where foreigners will feel comfortable with small crowds. If you feel that there will be a lot of people staring at you, there are restaurants and clubs with educated citizens who know what it feels like to be treated this way. Still, there will be those like the solo travelers or those looking for an adventure in distant lands, who will choose to come here. There will be groups of youngsters who will travel to destinations that those from their country have been here will recommend. However, India wants to encourage more family tourism and senior tourism, not just because they bring more money with them but because this will give a good image of the country to the world.  

The core business

What India does have are the many exotic cities, beaches in the large peninsular part of the south of the country, and natural paradises, that you will find in only this part of the world. This country has international airports in the capital of every state if not in other major cities of these states. One more reason for you to come here will be the items from the various Indian cuisines that vary from one state to another.

Exotic cities

indian cities

  • The national capital Delhi does receive a fair share of the tourists coming to the country all year round. There are landmarks like Qutab Minar, Delhi Fort, Jantar Mantar from the Mughal era, and the India Gate, the lotus temple that represents modern India.  
  • Most people from abroad think of the Taj Mahal, one of the world's seven wonders, when they think of India. It is in Agra, and you will find foreigners here no matter what season it is. There are the forts of Fatehpur Sikri for you to see too.
  • If Indian history interests you, Amritsar in Punjab, the state most foreigners know of because of the large number of immigrants from this state in their country, will be a good place to visit. Here you will see the Golden Temple, the holiest Sikh shrine in the world, and the Jalianwala Bagh, known for an infamous incident during the freedom struggle, nearby.

Popular beach destinations

indian beaches

  • Goa is a name that many travelers from overseas will have heard of and mostly because of its beaches. This state is different from the rest of India in that it was not a British colony, but the only significant part of India occupied by the Portuguese. This means that you will find a totally different culture here. As for the seaside Baga Beach and Calangute Beach are very popular. 
  • Puducherry was a French colony and this city has the Promenade Beach, often called Rock Beach on the Bay of Bengal for you.
  • If you want to try beaches in a cosmopolitan city, come to Mumbai for the Juhu Chowpatty beach, a popular shooting location for the Hindi language movie industry, Bollywood. 

The glorious nature

lake in kashmir

  • If you want to feel like an Indian maharaja, you should come to Ooty, which has the largest population of tigers in the country. You will have a very different kind of flora and fauna to enjoy, with trips across the hills on foot or with rides over the curvy roads.
  • Kashmir has been known across the world for all the wrong reasons but the recent decades have been peaceful, making tourists consider this destination again for their holidays. The valleys and the lakes will make a good backdrop for any honeymoon. Here you will find floating hotels and the shikaras, small boats to take you from one part of the city to another.
  • Then there is Leh, for those who enjoy cowboy movies on the India-Tibet border. You will find mountains with no trees and deserts for miles with beautiful water bodies. This is a destination, not many foreigners will have heard of and this will add to your surprise when you come here. If you have always wanted to see Buddhist monasteries, you will get to see more than a few here.

The final thoughts

India has modernized a lot in the last decades and they want the world to know that they are ready to welcome everyone from all parts of the world. They have the hotels, the transport, the eateries, and the only thing missing is you. Yes, the cheap flights will encourage more people to travel to this land not so often traveled by Westerners. No matter what you have heard about this country, once you get here you will find that there is no shortage of friendly faces. 

By FlightsChannel Team
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