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Flight options for flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo

The USA has had a good and bad relationship with Japan over the last few centuries. Before the advent of airplanes, the passengers could travel between the two countries through ships over the Pacific Ocean. Now you don’t have to spend months traveling with these, as you can book Los Angeles to Tokyo flights and cover the distance in just around 12 hours. Both American and Japanese airlines offer flights between the 2 cities.

The categories of passengers that fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo

There are various reasons why you will travel between these 2 cities:

  • You could be a tourist looking to explore a new territory. Japan will be particularly interesting to you, though traveling here will be more expensive than traveling to a budget destination in Asia. A number of online and print magazines give rave reviews about what Tokyo has to offer, from its unique architecture to the hi-tech gaming zones where you will see technology not yet thought of in your country. You should note that US citizens can spend up to 3 months without any visa, with a valid passport as long as they are only tourists.
  • You could be a business person, as the two countries trade a lot of stuff with each other. What they can’t manufacture they import and what they produce in excess they export for profit. The business communities have had a good relationship over the last few decades.
  • Family travel is the other reason for you to catch flights to Tokyo from Los Angeles, as you may be a Japanese living in the USA and planning to spend some holiday with your family back in the country of your birth.   

Prepare to take off from Los Angeles

You have the option of catching Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Tokyo from a few international airports here. You can choose one according to how easily you can get here or according to the airfare that you will have to pay. Los Angeles is a large city and the airports here are in different parts of the city. You should make sure that you reach the airport on time as if you miss your flight, the chances of getting a refund will be literally zero.

Are you ready for Tokyo?

The international airports here will give you an idea of what you will be coming across on your trip. You should note that very few people speak English and the locals take pride in their language, Japanese. You can use a number of apps like Google Translate at any time to have what they are saying to you translated. What you will enjoy here apart from the sights and the sounds, is the local cuisine, with a lot of items based around seafood. You should note that the Japanese are some of the most disciplined people in the world and they will expect good behavior from you at all times. If you need LAX to TYO flight deals, we have some good ones for you.

The way you can fly to Tokyo

Your trip could be one-way, round-trip or a multi-city one. As this is international travel, you will have a choice of Economy, Business and First class cabins. The airfare from Los Angeles to Tokyo is different for these, so it will all depend on the amount you are willing to pay. The seat size, the menu, and the baggage you can take all depend on the cabin you are in. Every airline wants to stay ahead of the rest, so just look for what different it is that they offer.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Where will I find the cheapest air tickets for flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo?

We at FlightsChannel always list the cheapest options at the top so you don’t have to make any effort to look for these.

Will I be able to book last minute flights from Los Angeles to Tokyo?

We will list all possible options no matter when you decide to go ahead with your booking.

What can I carry with me when I fly from Los Angeles?

Every airport has different rules for what they will allow you to take with you on your flight. Most Airlines will not allow items that are flammable or can be used to cause harm on the flights.

Which airlines will take me to Tokyo?

A number of Japanese, American and international airlines offer flights to this city, including Japan Air, Delta and Finnair.

How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo

The flight lasts almost 12 hours.

How quickly can I book flights from Los Angeles to Tokyo?

Once you have selected the flights you want to fly with, you will have to initiate the booking process. Your details will be verified and once all the formalities, including payment your booking will be confirmed.

How early should I arrive at the airport for my flight?

You should try to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time.

Can I change my flight after booking?

It all depends on the terms and conditions attached to your ticket. Most airlines will allow you to change your tickets within 24 hours of you making the booking.

Airport information

  • Los Angeles Airport information
  • Airport : Los Angeles International Airport
  • IATA Code : LAX
  • Phone : +1 855-463-5252
  • Address : 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
  • Tokyo Airport information
  • Airport : Haneda Airport
  • IATA Code : HND
  • Phone : +81 3-5757-8111
  • Address : Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan

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