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  • LAP La Paz 2023-12-31
    TIJ Tijuana
  • MEX Mexico City 2023-12-22
    TIJ Tijuana
  • LAP La Paz 2023-12-31
    TIJ Tijuana
  • MEX Mexico City 2023-12-22
    TIJ Tijuana
  • MEX Mexico City 2023-12-22
    TIJ Tijuana

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Tijuana: The famous border city (TIJ)

Do you know that there is more than one California in North America? You will know about the state in the USA but what about the one in Mexico! It is called Baja California, just next to its namesake and they share a border. Tijuana city is the border where most people cross over and the city they cross the border is none other than San Diego. It is on the Pacific coast and has a population of almost 2 million people. The border between the two countries stretches over 3000 kilometers and there are over 50 border cities, but this one is the most famous of all. If you are planning flights to Tijuana, we will be able to assist you.

The advantages of being on the periphery

Every year over 50 million people use this city to cross the border making it the largest in the world in this regard. As for the economy, the city depends very heavily on tourism. Its image is more of a tourist resort than anything else. Though there are some manufacturing units too. It has some gambling casinos, where those interested in such fun can indulge. The Tijuana River flows through the city, which means there is more water adventure to be had. This city is on the western edge of the state and came into existence over the last century as the population increased multifold here. If you are after cheap flights to Tijuana, you will find these easily here.

Why do so many people come here?

There are race tracks here, where you can bet on the horses, which is not as straightforward in the neighboring country. Tourists also come here to taste the cuisine of a different kind. You should not that this is the city where Caesar salad was invented. The nightlife is what most youngsters come for to this city. The city has been keen to encourage investments particularly foreign ones, so as to create more employment opportunities for the citizens here. This has meant giving a positive image of the city, a city safe for business and a place where you will be able to make a profit. The high-rise buildings here have come up in the last few decades and you can view the skyline clearly from the nearby mountains. Thinking about getting here? We can arrange the airline tickets to Tijuana for you.

More than a tourist destination

The weather here is not as bad as a desert, as the area does receive some rainfall, but not much. The city receives plenty of sunshine and the temperatures are enjoyable throughout the year. The city has also gained popularity as a medical tourist hot spot. Those people who find medical procedures too expensive in their country come here to get these done at much lower rates. This city has been able to do this thanks to the large number of citizens involved in the medical profession. There are few universities here for those students who are keen on higher studies. If you are coming here for any reason we can help you with direct flights to Tijuana.

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Airport information

  • Tijuana Airport information
  • Airport : Tijuana International Airport
  • IATA Code : TIJ
  • Phone : +52 664-607-820
  • Address : Aeropuerto S/N, Nueva Tijuana, 22435 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

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