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Best Flight Deals to Santiago, Chile (SCL)

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Santiago: A picturesque city from all angels

If you have ever wanted to see a city with a mountain range in the background, you must visit Santiago. Most of the city is half a kilometer above sea level and the Pacific Ocean is an hour's drive from here. The Mapocho River flows through the city, so you can imagine the interest of painters in this city. Over 6 million people live here, a large number considering the population of Chile, the country this city is the capital of. Most of the government offices here have 19th-century European designs and there are quite a few churches here with Catholicism as the main religion. If you need flights to Santiago Chile, we can assist you.

The lessons that have been learned

Before the Spanish in Chile made this city their capital agriculture was the major industry here. Today most citizens here speak Spanish and even the culture here is a hybrid of European with Native culture. The weather here can be divided into 3 seasons, with hot summers followed by rain and then the cold winter with snowfall. This city has been hit by a number of earthquakes and this has meant that the focus of architects here has been on earthquake-resistant buildings, to minimize the impact on these, so as to minimize the loss of life and any damages. If you are after cheap flights to Santiago Chile, you are on the right site. 

A fine example of Latin culture

The city welcomes tourists from all over the world without any bias. There are museums for those interested in history and art museums showcasing the work of the artists here over centuries. There are quite a few large church buildings here and these give an idea of how the Christian religion spread across the country. There is no shortage of parks here and some of them have fountains that will look good on any selfie. There is even a Baha’i temple here and there is an amusement park here which has seen millions of visitors ever since it came into existence. If this sounds like a place you want to visit, we have plane tickets to Santiago Chile for you.

A place you will remember for long

The skyline with a few buildings standing out for their height, can be viewed from the mountains close by and there are a few points at heights in the city from where you can get a panoramic view of the entire city. Due to ample snowfall and as there are a number of hills here, skiing is a popular winter sport. As for public transport, there are buses, metros and trains that you can use if you don’t have any private transport.  It is also the commercial center of the country with manufacturing units and the growing services sector. The malls here have shops of most major European brands. We offer the best airfare to Santiago, if you want to get here.

Flying to Santiago

Santiago, in Chile, a long but not too wide country on the map of South America, has good views all around. You can see the Andes mountain range from various parts of the city. You can easily have one-way or round-trip flights booked, easily, if you do this at the earliest possible time, as fewer seats will be left to choose from if you delay this essential process.

Explore Santiago

This city is the capital of Chile, which means that there are a few government buildings and courts which are prime examples of classic architecture, as are many other buildings in the city including some churches. The weather here is the reverse of what you will find in other parts of the world with June-July the coldest months and December-January the hottest months. This has its advantages, particularly in attracting tourists who are trying to escape the heat or chill of their cities. This city, just like most capitals of the world is home to television networks and major radio stations.

Tourist Attractions in Santiago

If buildings from the colonial era interest you, there are plenty to see here, including some palaces. There are some monuments that you may never have heard of, but will be highly recommended by the local tour operators. If wines interest you, you can go for fine tours to the exteriors of the city to see the farms and taste freshly produced wines. If you prefer beaches, these are within driving distance from the city and so are the mountains. There are a few large museums in the city where you can learn how people before and during the colonial period lived.

Best Time to Visit in Santiago

If you need some heat in winter, come to this city in December to February months and if you need some to cool down in your summers, come here in July to August months. If you are after pleasant weather come here when it's spring or autumn in your cities. 

Major Airports

The major airport serving this city is Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, the busiest in Chile offering domestic and international flights. The minor airports serving this city are Peldehue airport and Eulogio Sánchez Airport, with the former offering a limited number of flights while the latter is used for general aviation.

Airport Transportation

There is an expressway connecting this airport to the city. You can use cabs, busses, and shuttle services to come to the airport or your accommodation in the city. You can even use your private transport for pick up or drop at the airport. Some buses also have stops at the metro stations, in and around the city.

Planning Your Trip

If you are coming to this city for the first time, you may not know much about it if you are coming from parts of the world other than Latin America. You should always check what the weather will be like when you get here, so you get what you are expecting and nothing else. It always helps if you pre-book the activities you are interested in, so you don’t get disappointed once you reach the destination. For instance, if you enjoy music you can book your seats for the Symphony Orchestra, so you know what time these are.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Is it difficult to book Santiago international airport flights?

Booking air tickets with us is as simple as a, b and c.

Which is the best day to book flights to Santiago?

Ideally, you should book flights as early as possible. If you want to know the cheapest day of the week to book tickets, you should try your luck on Wednesdays, as fewer people are active over the net on this day.

Name the best airline to fly to Santiago Chile.

LATAM is the airline recommended by most to fly to Santiago.

Do you have any flight deals to Santiago

If you search for flights through us we will list all deals with their rates.

How much does a one way flight to Santiago cost?

The cost of flights varies from one airline to another and usually, the greater the distance to Santiago is, the higher will be the airfare.

Where can I book cheap flights to Santiago?

We at FlightsChannel will be able to help you book tickets to the destinations you are interested in flying to.

How soon can I fly to Santiago?

Just search for flights on the dates you want to fly and we will list all possible flights for you.

How can I buy air tickets for Santiago?

We will list all flights for you according to the search options chosen by you. You have to select the one right for you and proceed with booking them.

Are there any direct flights to Santiago Chile?

There are direct domestic and international flights available to Santiago. However, there will always be destinations that are too far for direct flights.

How quickly can I find non stop flight deals to Santiago Chile?

You can search, select and book tickets within a few minutes with FlightsChannel.

Airport information

  • Airport Name : A Merino Benitez
  • IATA Code : SCL
  • Country : Chile
  • Continent : South America

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