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Guaymas: The port of ports in recent centuries

This city is in the northern state of Sonora in Mexico with a population of over 100,000 people. It is known more for its port than anything else. It has warehouse facilities to store imports and goods to be exported. There are ferry services here for transport to nearby ports and the control of the port has shifted between different authorities, though recently it has been managed by the government through hired organizations. Historically the port has been involved with fishing, with shrimps found here in abundance. Thousands of people are employed in this with quite a few people involved in processing the catch. If you need flights to Guaymas, we can assist you.

The role of the city in the history of the country

The locals here resisted the initial colonial settlements, so the city was populated in the early 19th century, much later than other major cities of the state. Once all regions around were under colonial control. Today the indigenous people form only 8 percent of the total population and they still speak their old language. This city was under American control for a year in the American-Mexican war and by the French in different invasions. It has been regarded as a Heroic city for defending against French invaders in 1854, though it has been part of many invasion attempts. It has been used by the Mexican Navy in the 20th century. It played its part in the Mexican Revolution too. If you are searching for cheap flights to Guaymas, you will find them right here.

What this city have to offer visitors?

It lies between the Gulf of California, to the west and the Sonora desert, to the east. The summers are hot while the winters are enjoyable. More people come here in summer due to the beautiful beaches around, though if you believe in saving money you can come here in winter when the temperatures are high compared to North Mexican standards.  This city is well connected to the rest of the state through railroads and highways.  If you are interested in desert fauna, there are plenty of cactus close to the city. For tourists, there are all of the activities that you can be engaged in at any beach resort including fishing and snorkeling. We offer the best airfare to Guaymas Mexico, in case you are looking for it.

What this city is popular for?

This city has given 3 presidents to the country and to remember them there are their statues, next to each other, this is one of the many excellent monuments in the city. This city is also famous for the annual carnival which is celebrated over a few days with parades, parades of floats and concerts. It is the seat of the municipality of the region it is in and has government offices to administer it. Close to the city is a prime example of Mexican-American cooperation, an abandoned space observation station. There are some small islands where you can get by boat for a day out. If you want to go dolphin watching the local guide will help you out. If you are planning a trip here, you can get airline tickets to Guaymas through us.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans How quickly can I book air tickets to Guaymas?

We offer an easy-to-use interface that allows you to complete your bookings in a few minutes.

que-ansque-ans Can you help me with last minute flights to Guaymas?

If the flights to Guaymas are available we will always list them for you.

que-ansque-ans Are there any direct flights to Guaymas?

The availability of non stop flights to Guaymas depends on the city you are flying in from.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any flight deals to Guaymas

If you search for flights through us we will list all deals with their rates.

que-ansque-ans How much does a one way flight to Guaymas cost?

The cost of flights varies from one airline to another and usually, the greater the distance to Guaymas is, the higher will be the airfare.

que-ansque-ans Where will I find direct flights to Guaymas Sonora?

There are not many direct flights to this city, though there is an airport. In the past, there were direct flights, but nowadays a small airline connects this city to 1-2 nearby destinations, due to lack of local demand. If you are planning to get here, you will need to come to a major airport in a nearby city. If you need more information just call us at the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922 to find out.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any non stop flight deals to Guaymas?

There are no direct flights to this city from even any major domestic cities. The best way to get here is to catch flights to airports of nearby cities like Hermosillo. Once you have chosen your airport you will be able to find the nonstop flights to them through a simple search with us.

que-ansque-ans Which is the best day to book flights to Guaymas?

Whenever you plan to fly, booking flights at the earliest is always recommended. As for the best day, you can try your luck on Wednesdays.

que-ansque-ans Name the best airlines to fly to Guaymas.

Aéreo Servicio Guerrero is a small regional airline offering flights to this city from a limited number of cities in the region.

que-ansque-ans How can I get to the Guaymas airport?

You can always catch a cab to get to this small airport, on time.

Airport information

  • Airport Name : Jose Maria Yanez Intl
  • IATA Code : GYM
  • Country : Mexico
  • Continent : North America

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