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Campeche: A city where history is well-preserved

Mexican history can be divided into 3 parts – before the colonizers came, what they did once they got here and the modern era where everyone lives happily together. The city of Campeche has proofs of all these 3 phases. There are buildings from the Mayan era close to this city, where you can see how people lived before foreigners set foot here. There are huge temples and pyramids, apart from some things that archeologists have dug up. You can either hire the local guides or ask the taxi drivers to take you there, so you can enjoy the prime examples of the old way of life here. If you need flights to Campeche, we can assist you. 

How have various cultures influenced the present of the city?

As for the Spanish era, there are buildings in the city center, which have been recognized by UNESCO as heritage sites. Most of these have been restored to their original condition and are maintained very well. You can walk through the city center to admire the old architecture or travel through the trams here. The residences here are painted with different colors, offering something pleasing to the eye. There are churches from the early 16th century and forts along the seaside to protect the city from pirates. This is one of the few cities in the country where fortifications close to the beaches are still intact. If you are searching for cheap flights to Campeche, you will find them right here.

A hidden gem for tourists

The Spanish used this city as a port and it was an important one. As for the local population, they have been involved with fishing since this area was populated by humans. The modern economy relies a lot on domestic tourism and they have been doing everything they can to be known to the international ones. The temperatures here are warm and enjoyable throughout the year, with the summer a little hot and the winters not cold at all. There is a lot of seafood to enjoy here and there are a few good restaurants here. This city is also the capital of the state of Campeche, which means that there are a number of public office buildings here. We offer the best airfare to Campeche Mexico, in case you are looking for it.  

How you can get to this city?

This city has a population of over 220,000 people and it is on the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can go to the seaside and see the part of the ocean from where the famous pirates of their times came here. The full name of the city is San Francisco de Campeche, a name given by the Spaniards, though it is commonly called Campeche City. Almost 150,000 people pass through the gates of the international airport here every year, even though the direct flights are mostly to and from Mexico City. So, to get here you will have to reach Mexico City unless you are a Mexican living in a city nearby or if you have landed in the airport of a major city nearby. If you are planning a trip here, you can get airline tickets to Campeche through us.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

que-ansque-ans How quickly can I book air tickets to Campeche?

We offer an easy-to-use interface that allows you to complete your bookings in a few minutes.

que-ansque-ans Can you help me with last minute flights to Campeche?

If the flights to Campeche are available we will always list them for you.

que-ansque-ans Are there any direct flights to Campeche?

The availability of non stop flights to Campeche depends on the city you are flying in from.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any flight deals to Campeche

If you search for flights through us we will list all deals with their rates.

que-ansque-ans How much does a one way flight to Campeche cost?

The cost of flights varies from one airline to another and usually, the greater the distance to Campeche is, the higher will be the airfare.

que-ansque-ans Where can I find direct flights to Campeche?

We are here to assist you with your plans for your flights. Just provide us with your route and other details in our search form to get the flight details or just give us a call at the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922 to find out.

que-ansque-ans Do you have any non stop flight deals to Campeche?

Only one airline, Aeromexico offers direct flights here and that too only from Mexico City.

que-ansque-ans Which is the best day to book flights to Campeche?

As there are not many options for flights here, booking early will always help. As for the best day of the week, Wednesday is recommended as there is lesser traffic online around this day.

que-ansque-ans Name the best airlines to fly to Campeche.

Aeromexico is the only airline offering flights here.

Airport information

  • Airport Name : A Acuna Ongay Intl
  • IATA Code : CPE
  • Country : Mexico
  • Continent : North America

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