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Viva Aerobus: increasingly popular in a short time (VB)

Thus airline is officially named Aeroenlaces Nacionales, but commonly it is called Viva Aerobus. It is a Mexican airline owned partly by a large Mexican bus company. Its headquarters and the major hub are at the Monterrey International Airport, which is in the Monterrey Metropolitan area, some distance from Monterey City, a major city in Mexico. It has several operating bases in different cities in the country. This airline has over 100 aircraft in its fleet. The number of aircraft it owns has kept increasing since it started its operations with a few aircraft in 2006, giving you more reasons to book Viva Aerobus flight tickets. It has upgraded when possible and it places new orders whenever there are opportunities to expand business.

The Americas specialist

This airline offers numerous domestic flights and internationally it offers flights within the Americas, offering flights to South America, Central America, and North America. It is a low-budget airline, offering cheap Viva Aerobus flights, so budget travelers will always choose it over the major ones if the flights are available for the route they are interested in. This airline has been profitable for its owners mostly, despite troubles in the Corona period. This airline also offers bus services from some cities in Texas to Monterrey and Cancun, which those planning flights from these cities can use to get to the airports they want to catch flights from.  

What you should know?

This airline has been promoting itself in Mexico as one for those interested in safe and fast flights to the USA. They recommend that you keep all the documents ready with you before you board the flight as you will need to show these at the airport. You should know all these details before your Viva Aerobus online booking. They allow you to take a personal item and carry-on items on board with you, though there are rules about their weight and size. The same goes for the checked baggage and you can take more of these or those with larger dimensions or weight, as long as you are willing to pay for these.

Making a good impression

Their frequent flyers program is known as Doters points, which you can earn with every Viva Aerobus flight booking, though you will need to register yourself for this. You can spend these on flights and other purchases associated with the airline. You don't just earn these through flights but with other extras too that the airline offers. These points will allow you to upgrade seats, take more baggage, and priority boarding, without any charges, depending on what level you are at with your points, whether green, silver, or gold. This airline is environmentally conscious, with a fleet of new aircraft, mostly direct flights, and their commitment to lower carbon emissions.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Can you help me with Viva Aerobus cheap flights?

Yes, we can, just search for the flights and choose the airline from the filter.

How can I get Cheap Airline tickets for Viva Aerobus?

FlightsChannel always lists the cheapest flights at the top of search results and for those from this airline, you can choose the airline name from the filter.

How long will Viva Aerobus book flights take?

If you have all the information ready with you, your flight booking process will be over quickly.

Which is the cheapest month to travel by Viva Aerobus Airlines?

This airline offers the cheapest flights in December.

What is on offer from Viva Aerobus Airlines for international flights?

This airline offers flights to a few major destinations in the Americas.

What countries and airports does Viva Aerobus fly to?

This airline offers domestic flights in Mexico and international ones to North, South and Central America.

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