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Icelandair: Connecting the world through Iceland (FI)

This airline, the flag carrier of Iceland, has its hub at Keflavik International Airport, a few kilometers away from the national capital Reykjavík. This airline offers domestic flights in Iceland and offers international flights to Europe, Greenland and North America. As an organization, they want to exploit the central location of their country, between the North American Continent and Europe. So anyone interested in flying between these continents can easily accomplish their journey with them. If you want to buy Icelandair tickets, we will be able to arrange these for you.

A top-notch organization in the country

The Airline Flugfélag Íslands was launched in 1940 and was called Iceland Airways so that those who don't understand the local language can easily read and use the name of the airline. In 1944 Loftleiðir, another airline started its operations. The two merged in 1979 to form the Icelandair, the airline as we know it. As an organization, this airline is highly regarded in the business community of the country.  They are contributing towards protecting the environment by planting trees and they encourage everyone to do so. They are a very caring airline when it comes to young ones and pets. They are the major one among the airlines that fly to Iceland.

More options for seats

They offer 5 types of seats on their aircrafts and these are Business class which they call Saga class (Saga Premium Flex & Saga Premium), Economy class (Economy Flex, Economy Standard, Economy Light). The class of seats or the combination of these varies from one aircraft to another. Food is offered in all classes, but it is offered free only in Saga class and in the others you will have to pay for it. They have seat back screens operated by touch on most planes serving international routes. If you are after the best Icelandair flight deals, we have them for you.

Paying more always buys more

They have upgraded all of their planes so they offer Wi-Fi to the passengers. This service will have to be paid for if you are flying economy. You will get it free if you fly business class or if you have enough Saga points, which you can earn if you are part of their loyalty program, Saga Club. Like all airlines you pay more to get more which means that in Saga class there are special baggage allowances and special treatment when you are queuing up at check-in or while boarding. Also, for most seats you can choose where you want to sit, only in the case of Economy Light you will have to pay if you want to choose where you want to sit. The number of bags you can check in and carry again depends on the class you are flying. If you have made up your mind you can book Icelandair flights through us.

Come fly with them

They like all major airlines have partners in other countries which means that their passengers have more options for the destinations they can go to, though they will have to switch flights. The more you fly with them and their partners and the choice of class of seats decides the amount of Saga points you earn. You can spend these points in a number of ways with this airline. The main purpose of all this is that they want you to fly frequently with them, so they are offering more benefits to those who fly more with them. Ready to buy Icelandair flight tickets, you can start right here.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

What countries and airports does Icelandair fly to?

Together with their partners they offer flights to most location in Europe and USA. They also offer domestic flights and have plans for people flying in or to rural areas.

Which is the cheapest month to travel by Icelandair Airlines?

November can be regarded as the month to fly to Iceland at low costs, as the weather is extremely cold and there are no major holidays.

Are there any offers from Icelandair Airlines for international flights?

If there are, we will definitely list them for you.

Where can I find cheap Airline tickets for Icelandair?

Come to FlightsChannel where we list the flights in order of their rates, with the cheapest ones at the top.

How can I obtain cheap Icelandair flights?

Just search for flights through us and you will get the list of all available options in terms of flights to your chosen destinations on your chosen dates.

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