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BoA: Covering a lot of ground in a short period (OB)

Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) is a Bolivian airline, called BoA in short form, which is what most people involved with flights call it. It is the flag carrier of this nation, and this is so because it overtook other airlines in the country. This is a landlocked country, hence the need for such airlines to offer transport to passengers and cargo. This is a young airline that started operations in 2009 and it is owned by the state. In a short period, it has become a major airline for international flights in Bolivia and it has kept adding to the number of destinations it offers flights to, making more passengers book BoA flight tickets. 

Expanding their reach

The headquarters of this airline are in Cochabamba, one of the major Bolivian cities. Its hub is at the Jorge Wilstermann International Airport in the same city. There are 2 focus airports in La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The one in the former city, Viru Viru International Airport, is the one that is used for most international flights, which means that the other 2 major airports mostly offer domestic flights. This airline mostly offers flights within the Americas, with a few to Europe. This airline is popular for domestic travel too, offering cheap BoA flights to most major cities in Bolivia. The fleet of this airline consists of some new aircraft and some not-so-new, with the larger ones preferred for long-haul flights, like those to Madrid and Miami. 

All will be explained

This airline has different policies for carry-on bags and checked-in baggage. The longer the flight is, the higher will be the permitted weight of what you can take with you. If your carry-on bag is too heavy or too large, you will not be allowed to take it with you onboard and you will have the option of paying for its transportation in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. The same goes for excess baggage. Some items can get damaged during transport, so the airline will expect you to agree to a disclaimer for them. You should check all the details at the time of BoA online booking. You can take your pets with the baggage compartment, though there are again strict policies for this. 

The human side of flying

This airline also suggests that you get to the airport early, so you don't get late for check-in and boarding the aircraft. They also request you to make appropriate transportation arrangements for getting to the airport, so nobody is delayed. They will allow minors to board their aircraft as long as all the right conditions are met. The disabled and not-so-well people will be able to book their flights if they have provided the right documents at the time of Boliviana de Aviación flight booking. They offer infant and children flights at discounted airfare. They also understand that different passengers will have different requirements for what they want to eat or drink, so you can choose items from special menus.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Where can I find Cheap Airline tickets for BoA?

You will find these through a search with FlightsChannel, and choosing the airline name from the provided filter.

Can you help me with Boliviana de Aviación flights?

We can help you with all available flights offered by BoA.

How can I have the BoA book flights done?

It all depends on how quickly you provide the requested information.

Which is the cheapest month to travel by BoA Airlines?

September is the month when you can expect to get the cheapest flights from this airline.

What is on offer for BoA Airlines for international flights?

This airline offers flights to a few international destinations in North America and Europe, including Madrid and Miami.

What countries and airports does BoA fly to?

This airline offers flights to most major destinations within Bolivia and in Latin America, along with a few to Western nations.

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