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Columbus Day flights: Time to explore new destinations

If you are looking for a long weekend for a break, Columbus Day weekend will be ideal, as it is celebrated on the second Monday of every October. Traditionally it is believed that Christopher Columbus reached the island of the Bahamas on this day and he was believed to be the first European to set their sights on the land of the Americas. Whether he planned it or not, it was the start of the colonization of these continents and their subsequent conversion to Christianity. Some people believed that this should be celebrated and the day was chosen by the government and is a federal holiday in the USA. If you need Columbus Day flights, we will be able to arrange them for you.

Celebrations of a different kind

This year this day will be celebrated on 14 th of October in the USA. It is not just celebrated here but in some countries in the American continent and in Europe. The dates on which this day is observed though vary from one country to another. Though, the views about the day vary across different states of the USA and not just across the countries here. An indicator of this is the different names that it is celebrated under in these places. While Italian Americans celebrate this day with great fervor and in some of their areas they hold large parades, states with populations of other natures treat the day very differently. If you are planning to join these we have Columbus Day flight deals for you.

Maximize your excitement

You have different options for celebrating this day. One you can choose a location where you can see the celebrations for the day. Another option is that you choose a destination of your choice and celebrate it your way. If your state has this day as a holiday, you can expect the airlines there to give special offers for the day. This also means that you can expect to see more than the average crowd at the airports, and hence in the flights. If you have got a holiday, this is the best time to maximize your advantage with the extra day off for the weekend and travel to destinations you have always wanted to. If you are planning a trip during this period, you can book Columbus Day flights with us.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Where will I find the best Columbus Day Travel Deals?

You can easily find the right deals with us by looking at our deals pages or as an alternative call us at the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922, when you want information about these.

Are there any cheap flights Columbus Day weekend?

Some airlines offer discounts for travel on this long weekend.

Is it more expensive to catch flights on Columbus Day?

As more than the usual number of people will be expecting to catch flights on this day, you will expect the flights to cost more. However, if you book early or keep yourself updated with the latest offers, you will be able to get the tickets at the best rates.

How quickly can I book cheap flights for Columbus Day 2024?

We offer an easy-to-use graphic interface so you can easily search, select and book your flights.

Which airlines offer special deals on the Columbus Day?

Most airlines will be expecting a greater than usual number of passengers during this period, still, they offer discounts to make a good impression on the general public and play their role for the country. We will in all cases list the best rates for you, no matter when and where you want to fly.

Which city do you recommend for a trip on Columbus Day?

New York City celebrates this day like none other and you can choose this city as your destination to be part of the celebrations.

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