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Cinco De Mayo Flight Deals

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Cinco de Mayo: Remembering a famous victory

The North American continent has an interesting history over the last millennium. There are so many stories related to every country and numerous events, with some remembered for different reasons. One of these is Cinco de Mayo, which when translated from Spanish to English means 5 th of May. This day is remembered because on this day Mexican army defeated the French in the area that is today Puebla City. They won despite being outnumbered and without the military technology that the French brought with them. This day shows how the natives defeated the aggressive invaders and symbolizes the can-do attitude of the nation. If you are in need of flights for Cinco de Mayo, we will be able to assist you.

Some history regarding this day

However, the war was brought upon themselves by Mexicans by delaying their debt payments to European nations. While others agreed to negotiate, France would have none of any talks and took aggressive steps to collect what they believed they owned. They sent navy ships full of armed soldiers for this, who at first were defeated on 5 th of May 1862 by what was believed to be a rag-tag Mexican army. However, these celebrations didn't last long as the French sent a bigger army and captured the capital of Mexico, putting on the throne an Emperor of their choice. However, in 3 years' time, the entire country revolted and the French had to retreat. If you are searching for Cinco de Mayo travel deals 2024, you will find them right here.

How the day is celebrated in Mexico and the USA?

Up till the end of the 19 th century, this day was celebrated with great fervor in the whole of Mexico. However, in the 20 th century, this day was not a national holiday, though most schools remain closed. Still, offices and stores stay open and the celebrations are limited to a few cities. Of course, the state of Puebla celebrates it with parades, traditional dances and music. Some researchers have found that the day is celebrated more in the USA, particularly by the Mexican population. They in fact use this day to emphasize their presence in the country with the contribution of their community to the USA. If you are planning a trip around this day, we have Cinco de Mayo vacation deals for you.

Ready for beer and dance

Though it is not celebrated on a grand scale, the day is important to most Mexicans. The advertising companies have used this opportunity to improve the sales of their customers in the USA. The sales of beer on this day are comparable with the most popular holidays in this country. This day also reminds the young ones of their cultural heritage and they stay in touch with their cultural roots. There are parties organized where people dance and enjoy tequila together. If you want to see the reenactments of the day, you may be able to see these in some American cities, though you will definitely be able to see these in Puebla. We offer cheap Cinco de Mayo flight tickets, in case you need them.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Do you have any Cinco de Mayo flight deals?

You will easily find these listed above, however, if you are planning to fly to a different destination or from a different airport, you can search for your flights with us. As an alternative, connect with us on the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922 for all the details.

When to book flights for Cinco de Mayo 2024?

It's always best to book flights 4-6 weeks before you fly. This will mean that for 5 th of May you should book tickets in late March or early April.

Do flights get cheaper on Cinco de Mayo?

Quite a few airlines recognize the importance of this day and lower the airfare. So, just keep looking online for all possible offers.

How to book the cheapest flight on Cinco de Mayo?

You can either book at the earliest or look out for offers, using them when the airlines make them.

Which airlines flying on Cinco de Mayo?

All airlines fly on this day, as it is not a declared holiday.

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