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Boxing Day Flight Deals

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Boxing Day: The break after the holiday

The day after Christmas is popularly known around the world as the Boxing Day. This day is a holiday in Canada but not in the USA. This day was declared a day off when Queen Victoria was in reign, in the 19 th century. This day is followed by most Christian nations of the former British Empire and now the commonwealth, the remainder of the union that once was. The USA earned its independence from the British and hence does not follow some of the practices followed by this nation. 26 th December is also known as St. Stephen's Day in the Christian nations. If you are looking for cheap Boxing Day flights, you will find them right here.

The origins of this day

In modern times Christmas day is full of activities and most people will prefer a day of rest following it. The modern governments recognize this and have continued with the tradition of the earlier generations. The main reason for this day was that most households would give their staff a day off after having worked hard serving their employers. They would also give them gifts and other items in boxes which they can use and pass on to their relatives. Some churches have donation boxes, which are opened on this day and the donations are distributed among the needy. We offer the best Boxing Day travel deals, in case you need them.

Different countries celebrate it differently

While this day is not officially a holiday in the USA, some Americans would prefer it if it was. However, in Canada, this day is equivalent to Black Friday in the USA. Most retailers lower the prices of their goods, so as to boost sales and these sales are a gift from them to their customers in the holiday season. Winters are severe in most parts of Canada, so these sales give everyone something to smile about. In Australia, every year cricket matches are held on this day. Often sports teams from different nations play against each other, so you have something to keep you entertained. If you need to list Boxing Day airfares, you can do this through us.

This day this year

This year, 2024, Boxing Day will be on a Thursday, which means an extra-long weekend for some if they can get the Friday off. While most people will be celebrating Christmas this holiday at home, some of you may celebrate it at a tourist destination. If your family is in a different city, you can easily celebrate Christmas with them without having to worry if you will reach the workplace on time on the next working day. Some Canadian airlines offer discounts for Boxing Day flights, which you can always take advantage of. You can also celebrate the day by being charitable to those who may need any assistance. We always announce the Boxing Day flight sales, as soon as these are advertised.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Do you have any Boxing Day flight deals 2024?

You will find them listed above or you can search for these with us. If you prefer verbal communication, just call us at the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922 to find out.

When will the Air Canada Boxing Day sale 2024 be announced?

Most airlines will list the offers on Boxing Day itself, the 26 th of December.

When to book flights for Boxing Day 2024?

You are advised to book your flights at the earliest or you can always wait for offers for these days.

What is the cheapest day to fly on Boxing Day week?

Christmas period is always busy, so to fly cheaply try to book flights for a few days earlier than these occasions.

Do flights get cheaper on Boxing Day?

Most airlines try to come across as common retailers by lowering their airfares.

How quickly can I book Boxing Day cheap flights?

We have designed our interface keeping you in mind. We know what you are looking for and our easy-to-use interface will help you book air tickets at the earliest.

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