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Guyana City: An industrial city with unconventional design (PZO)

This city is in Bolivar state, in Venezuela which is close to the Atlantic Ocean. The city itself is based where two rivers meet with one of them Caroni river. Traditionally it is known as port in Venezuela along Orinoco River. Most of the products manufactured here are shipped through this river to the ocean to onwards journey. There are a few bridges in the city to cross over these rivers and these are always an enjoyable site. There are gold mines here close by, probably in the search of which the early settlers came here. If you are planning flights to Guyana City, you will easily find these here.

You can see a lot in a few days

It came into existence in 1961 when two cities divided by the river Caroni were joined into one. Though the name of the city is new, its founding cities have been in existence for over 5 centuries and have seen many wars and political issues. Today it has a population of almost a million people. There is a hydroelectric plant here, one of the biggest in the world. There are falls here to see, if you are a tourist. The weather here is highly enjoyable with not much fluctuations throughout the year. The city enjoys a large green cover and there are a few parks for you to enjoy. There are museums and a stadium for major soccer teams too. Of course, as with most South American cities, there are plenty of churches to visit. If you are planning a tour here we offer cheap flights to Guyana City.

An example for everyone to follow

This city is well known for steel production since the last century. This industry organized the city a lot with residences for workers and infrastructure like roads for them. The city is known as an industrial city in the country with paper production and there are diamond mines too here. The design of the city and the architecture of the buildings will remind you of most of business and residential areas in the USA. Most visitors will find that the city has nothing in common with other cities in Latin America due to this reason. If you have any business here you can get airline tickets to Ciudad Guayana, the alternative name of the city, from us.

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Airport information

  • Guyana City Airport information
  • Airport : Aeropuerto internacional manuel carlos piar
  • IATA Code : PZO
  • Phone : +58 286-9518888
  • Address : 76PR+J3H, Av Guayana, Ciudad Guayana 8050, Bolívar, Venezuela

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