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Cheap Flights to Moscow

The heart of the Soviet Union

Moscow is a beautiful city situated on the banks of the River Moskva. It is the capital of Russia and is beautifully decked with architectural masterpieces, cultural landmarks, and some world-class museums. The moment you land in Moscow after taking a flight, we bet you can stop loving this place.

Discovering Moscow

The city makes it a fascinating destination as on one side you’ll find history standing still while on the other side the economic boom is on its full display. It is a city that thrills and excites you with its architectural gems dotted across the city. Theatrical stages, ballet and opera performances which are conducted across the city, makes it even more exciting. So book your flight to Moscow today and experience the Russian culture.

Know more about Moscow

Moscow is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Even just walking the street is like visiting a tourist spot as one can find diversified architectural styles here. Apart from this, it is an art lover’s paradise as it houses some of the largest and the unique art galleries in the world. And for culinary lovers, the city amaze itself with it’s traditional as well as modern Russian food which one can enjoy across the thousands of restaurants here. So if you’re planning for a vacation, we suggest you book your cheap flight to Moscow and hotel tickets with FlightsChannel.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Red Square –Red Square is still the heart of the Moscow and one of the most iconic places to visit in the city. You will find history in every piece of it, so much important stuff has happened at this square in the past. It is an architectural masterpiece which makes people fall in love with it.

Kremlin –Overlooking the Moskva River, Kremlin is a fortified complex housing a number of museums, palaces, administrative buildings, and cathedrals. It is a place of great historical and cultural importance to the city. Kremlin houses an armory chamber that has a unique collection of dresses, vestments, silverware, arms and much more.

Lenin’s Mausoleum –Located on the Red Square is the place where the embalmed body of the “Father of the Revolution” Vladimir Lenin is kept for public display. Several years have passed since the opening, still one can find long queues of visitors to get a glimpse of the body. But there is also a buzz that the Lenin’s Mausoleum will be closed to the visitors. So plan a trip to Moscow soon, book flights online and visit the place before it shuts down.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Definitely a must visit place in Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece built in the mid-16th century. The eye-popping colors of the structure make it is a centerpiece of the Red Square. It is a UNESCO heritage site and has been converted into a museum. So book your airline tickets to Moscow today and add color to your social media profile by getting a picture with the cathedral as the backdrop.

Gorky Park –Named after Maxim Gorky, Gorky Park is a cultural and leisure center across the banks of the Moscow River. One can enjoy roller-coaster rides or spend time on the tennis court and sports club. During summer it is a place to have fun, take a stroll while in the winter it converts into a skiing area. People of all age groups will find something interesting to do here. So plan a picnic with your family here whenever you visit Moscow.

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Getting Around in the City

● Metro

● Bus

● Taxi

● Tram

Other Popular Cities to Visit

● Saint Petersburg

● Kaliningrad

● Nizhny Novgorod

● Ekaterinburg

● Kazan

Book Flights to Moscow

Visiting Moscow is like wine getting better with time and definitely a great experience to have. Its rustic old world charm, stunning architecture, art galleries and museums makes it so appealing. At FlightsChannel, we can book cheap airline tickets to Moscow so that you can visit this great destination on a budget.

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